March 12, 2009

Let'em fail

Treasury Seeks Billions More in International Relief Funds

As long as this, "American Charities Flooded with Help Requests," remains true, I'm more than willing to let the rest of the world burn while we clean up the mess at home.

And about that mess, "We Really Need to Prosecute Everyone Who Caused It". If destroying the economy of the entire world is not cruel and heartless enough to earn the death penalty, what is?

And yes, "Even If It Means Impeaching and Executing the Sitting President," assuming he's guilty. If he's not guilty, then let him show some backbone. Instead of asking for more handouts he needs to be demanding the investigation and prosecution of everyone involved. If you need a list of suspects, "I'm Sure Karl Denninger Will Happily Supply One". I doubt even his list would be complete, but it would provide a starting point.

And another thing, "Why Are The Facts of Obama's Corrupt Friends Just Now Coming Out?"

What happened to investigative journalism? Doesn't anyone in the media double-check their facts anymore? Do any of them even know how to recognize the difference between fact and fiction? Why has the American media used it's First Amendment protections to write propaganda?

So, yeah, let'em burn! The time has come to take back our country. One way or another!


And not ten minutes after finishing my rant, I find fuel for another one (From a link at "War On Guns"):

Lew Rockwell & the Definition of Martial Law

Things have gotten way out of hand if a person can be arrested just for arguing with a police officer when the police officer is clearly in the wrong. Along the same lines, why do police departments "need M113 Armored Personnel Carriers"?

And please, let's not pretend this hasn't happened recently: "California is a Lost Cause. Who's next?"

And John "Swiftboat" Kerry, who obviously learned nothing from his Vietnam hypocrisy, is now pushing to have the Senate ratify a treaty that hands over control of our coasts and navigable inland waterways (like the Mississippi River!) to the United Nations!

"LOST Treaty Backed by Kerry"

Do we really want Chinese gun boats sailing up the Mississippi and resupplying at Cairo?

Last but not least, according to the Missouri Information Analysis Center, "Political Opposition to the President is Terrorism."