March 25, 2009

Not again!

So, if I've understood the explanation, the U.S. Taxpayer (you and me) could potentially be stuck with untold trillions in worthless assets, whereas Goldman Sachs (the main culprit behind the collapse!) could potentially make untold trillions while taking no risk of their own.

If I were in the States right now I'd be organizing the biggest, baddest, noisiest Washington Mall gathering since the Vietnam War era. This is insane! These people, namely Goldman Sachs and their Wall Street cronies, as a reward for destroying the world economy are going to be given the opportunity to make even more ridiculous amounts of money than they already possess while sticking ME with the bill? And I'm supposed to be happy about this? I'm supposed to be jumping up and down with joy because my father's Social Security is going to be taxed to pay for Paulson's royal retirement?

Hell no! March on Wall Street! Pull your mutual funds and 401Ks out of every brokerage in America! Deluge the Whitehouse and Congress with angry e-mail! Whatever you do, do NOT just sit back and accept this travesty of justice!

I've got a better idea. How about we take everyone anywhere in the world who made more than $250,000 trading these so-called "toxic assets" and hang them! Now that's a "bailout" plan I'd be happy to support!