March 08, 2009

NWO Justice at it's finest

Wikipedia article about the attack in the video

Canada has long been a model nation for the liberal future many people would like to see. The United Nations regularly applauds their humanitarian courts and rigorous legal defense teams as well as the precise, scientific focus of criminal prosecution cases. However, what that means in the real world is that the criminals often go free. Those who don't are treated in mental health hospitals and released once the staff feels they've recovered. Yes, that also means there are frequent repeat offenders who cycle in and out through the mental health side of the criminal system, stacking up body counts along the way.

This kind of compassion for the criminally minded is also behind the stiff resistance to allowing people to defend themselves with firearms. One of the reasons that every single concealed carry permit law in America has been passed only after long, vicious debates between Second Amendment believers and those who prefer to leave self-defense in the hands of government is that far too many Americans still have more sympathy for the criminals than they do for the victims.

You see, your neighbors don't trust you. Therefore, if you kill a burglar, rapist, mugger, armed robber, or drug-crazed sadist looking for a random victim, their first assumption is that the criminal you've killed is the innocent party. These people believe the grieved mother of a dead rapist over the testimony of the woman who killed her attacker. They blame the rape victim for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, insisting the victim somehow magically drove her son into such a sexual frenzy he could not control himself.

There is no conspiracy to bring about a New World Order. There are, however, millions of delusional people who believe they can bring utopia here on earth if only they can brainwash the rest of us into being clones of themselves. Even worse, there are tens of thousands of superrich who believe they and they alone have the education, the experience, the compassion, and the wisdom to discern right from wrong.

New World Order justice, favoring the rights of criminals over the rights of the victims, has been with us ever since the fabled and failed "Summer of Love" in 1968. Being victims themselves, the survivors of the drug-induced halcyon daydream decade that followed are now in premier places of government at all levels of society. What they can never perceive is that their lives during that decade were not marked by love at all. No, the culture of self-indulgence they so fondly remember was actually a time of rich kids starving to death in inner city alleyways, stealing from one another's trust funds to support their addictions, and fleeing law enforcement after breaking into jewelry stores and neighbor's homes in order to drape themselves in luxury they neither earned nor deserved.

Is it any wonder that the current generation of political leadership has such compassion for criminals? Most of them are criminals themselves! When they hear that the Second Amendment means every individual they stole from, assaulted, raped, or otherwise abused had the perfect right to kill them but failed to exercise it, they cannot help but fear what will happen when their children copy their parents predilection for spending their days wrapped in a narcotic haze and their nights committing felonies in order to earn enough to feed their addictions.

New World Order Justice a la the Canadian Criminal Justice System, coming soon to a courthouse near you!

Yes, my fellow Americans, I'd definitely suggest cleaning and loading all those millions of guns you've bought up in the past three months.

Something tells me you're going to need them, and soon!


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