March 29, 2009

Public Health and Safety Amendment

I've been thinking (yes, I know, "dangerous habit"). I think the key to both minimizing the size of the Federal government and limiting its ability to interfere with issues like narcotics, food safety, and the Second Amendment, would be a new Amendment to the Constitution. After all, if we limit the ability to meddle in interstate commerce and pass the enforcement of health related issues to the states, then we could eliminate with a single stroke of a pen somewhere around 25% of the Federal budget while at the same time putting paid to the gun control lobby's misuse of the Constitution to limit the Bill of Rights. Something like this:

Neither the Legislative, Judicial, nor Executive branches of the Federal government shall be allowed to pass or enforce any laws, regulations, judgements, or orders relating to either public safety or interstate commerce except those directly pertaining to the introduction of contaminants, defects in manufacturing, or safety of conveyance; nor shall they create or maintain any agency charged with enforcing such laws, regulations, judgements, or orders; nor shall they comply with any international agency that attempts to enforce such laws, regulations, judgements, or orders.

This would reinforce the original intent of the interstate commerce act, insure the legality of the interstate commerce act, and prevent the interstate commerce act from being used to limit State's rights in relationship to alcohol, narcotics, and firearms. Regulations related to product safety would by and large be retained, and would remain the responsibility of the FBI, but the DEA and BATFE would both be disbanded. Most important of all, it would help prohibit future governments from succumbing to international pressure to change the Constitution in order to forward a global agenda that would deprive the American people of their sovereign rights.

Soon as I get moved back to the United States I'm going to start collecting signatures and bombarding my congressional representatives with this suggestion.

If you're reading this and you like this idea, I would encourage you to go ahead and start a similar initiative in your state.