April 01, 2009


The dateline on this story is October 3, 2007, but I just learned about it today.

I try to keep a level head. I really do. But when I see a story like this:

Mexican Flag Raised Above American in Nevada

I am angered to the point of violence. I agree with the man in the video. If they like Mexico so damn much let'em go home! If they prefer the life they have in America, then let'em show appreciation for the opportunity they've been given to live there!

This is not racism! And damn anyone who thinks it is! "American" has never meant "white", even though the prejudices of our Founding Fathers tried to frame it that way. Right from the beginning there have been multiple cultural groups living side-by-side. Granted, sometimes those relations were rather contentious, and granted both slavery and the decimation of the native tribes was tragic, that does not change the simple reality that America has always equalled diversity. However, America is America!. It is not Mexico. It is not Canada. It is not any country in Europe. Because of what it is and what it stands for, a minimal respect to the institutions that make America what it is should be practiced by everyone who lives there.

What really got me was this:

Nevada ACLU Says Flag Laws Violate First Amendment

I live in Japan. I HATE IT HERE!

Japan is rumored to be one of the safest, most comfortable places to live on earth but it is not. And I sit here, wishing I go live in America, watching Americans acting like our country is somehow the greatest evil on the planet and it burns me up!

What is wrong with you people? America is NOT the bad guy! Drug trafficking gangs, immoral international bankers, unethical international business executives, elitist old-money families, narcissistic celebrities, these are the bad guys! European, Asian, and Arabian royals, African diamond and drug gangs, black market gun-runners selling cast off Russian or brand-new Chinese AK-47s to the highest bidder and the lowest scum of the Earth, those are bad guys, too! We do have some bad guys in America: corrupt politicians, money-hungry lawyers, greedy business people, and arrogant atheists, those are the American bad guys. They do not represent what America really stands for and it is far past time to demand justice for the damage they have done!

There is nothing wrong with being Christian. There is nothing wrong with being caucasian. There is nothing wrong with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. There is nothing wrong with being patriotic! Granted, there is a lot wrong with America right now, but all of the bad things in America are related to bad people abusing the freedoms the rest of us enjoy!

Americans have every reason to be proud of their country and every reason to believe they have the best country in the world. America does not need to be more like the rest of the world. The rest of the world needs to be more like us! Freedom, dignity, the rule of law, ethical business practices, these need to be restored and they need to be restored now. This trend to emulate the absolute worst practices of ancient, elitist royalty must stop! It has always been the common man and the everyday woman who made America great. I'm sorry, but the distribution of illegal drugs, the glorification of self-indulgent homosexuality, the reliance on the government to feed your children, the refusal to teach patriotism in schools, the hiring of illegal aliens, and the selling of political seats, is NOT acceptable. THIS MUST STOP AND IT MUST STOP NOW!

Maybe it is time for an armed rebellion. If nothing else, maybe it is time to lay the groundwork for one. Barrack Obama appears to be a sincere person doing his best to fix the problem, but if he cannot clean out the corruption and self-indulgence, then perhaps the people will have no choice but to take things into their own hands.

Everybody knows how to make a guillotine, yes?

And you! Yes, you! Over there quivering in your boots in fear that an armed rebellion will mean your death. The way to calm your fear is really simple. When the time comes, make sure you stand up in defense of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You still might die, but at least your death will have meaning.

It is always better to be a hobo in heaven than a prince in hell. It is time we remembered that.