May 19, 2009

Ah, yes, the authorities are so trustworthy!

National Peace Officers are Drunken and Unruly
"Visit Your Parent's at Work" Day Includes Getting Stunned
Social Services Places Known Child Molester in a Home with Young Children

I see dozens of similar news stories every single day. Law enforcement officers are a population group and like any population group, they are a body of individuals each with a different worldview, a different value system, and a different degree of narcissistic self-importance. I don't trust the government to take care of me because the government is composed of imperfect people. Since we can never perfect the human animal, there will never be a perfect government. People who place their full trust in a protective and paternalistic central government and depend on it to watch their backs, provide welfare for their poorer neighbors, and patrol their neighborhood on the lookout for criminals, have failed to realize that the people charged with protecting them are no different than any people anywhere.

This is also the flaw in the assumptions of the elites who feel they alone are intelligent enough, educated enough, and wise enough to make decisions for the rest of us about what we should wear, where we should live, what kind of cars we should drive, and how much water our toilet should use when it flushes. No one is selfless enough to make purely objective judgements about what is best for another person. This is why we must let individuals make their own decisions and suffer the consequences of those decisions. Criminals should never have the freedom to assume their intended victim is defenseless and politicians should never have the freedom to assume they can spend their life living off their constituents.

We need real change and we need it now! We need term limits in Congress, we need the Patriot Act repealed, we need every government agency reduced to a single representative in the state capitals, we need teachers to make more money than politicians, and we need to eliminate the entire Federal Criminal code. Let the states create their own criminal codes and let the Federal government focus on keeping peace between the states and negotiating with foreign governments to keep them from stealing our livelihood.

We need a Federal government that never consumes more than one-tenth of one percent of the national GNP. We can start by withdrawing from the United Nations and then declaring every bond held by anyone not an American citizen to be null and void. And yes, for a decade there will be pure chaos in the world. Afterwards, however, we will each and every one of us be stronger, safer, and more independent of outside influences.

What can you individually do? First, pay off all your debt. If you have to, go bankrupt and let your creditors fight over the scraps. Go to work for yourself. How? That depends on what skills you have. If you have no skills then take a minimum wage job somewhere and start over. Spend your days working and your nights attending free classes at the local community college. Get some knowledge, get some skills, get a better paying job. Save your money. Put the first 10% of everything you earn into a savings account and then don't touch it, ever, for any reason. Treat it as non-existent. When it grows large enough, put yourself in business using the skills you picked up at community college and have been using ever since. From your business put the first 10% into a special account designated, "future operations", and then leave it alone!

Stop buying cheaply made Chinese goods. Do without until you have enough cash to buy what you need and when you do buy, make sure you buy the best quality available. Buy things that will last your entire life instead of things that will be useless when next year's fashion catalogs come out.

Stop watching television. Spend your evenings in community college until you get enough qualifications for a better job. Once you get a better job, spend your evenings reading real books by real scholars, and make sure you read both sides of every debate. Instead of ignoring the world, learn how it works and how you can influence it. Pay attention to what your representatives at the state and federal level are doing. Attend city council meetings and learn the council members names and faces. Write down your opinions and send them to your representatives. Get involved and stay involved.

In short, stop letting the world dictate to you. Learn what's real and what's not, then base your opinions on what's real. Donald Trump's toupee is not important. Donald Trump's influence in Congress, on the other hand, is a clear and present danger to your individual freedom. Paris Hilton's latest fashion purchase is not important. Paris Hilton's reliance on child labor in South American factories to produce her brand name clothes and accessories, on the other hand, is a real danger to how those children will view America ten years from now.