May 04, 2009

Drinking a mai-tai while watching the world end

I am so paraniod of swine flu I jumped on a plane without donning a surgical mask and flew here: Hilton Grand Waikikian. Naturally, the vast majority of passengers on my packed-to-capacity Japan Airlines Super Jumbo were Japanese people, almost every last one safely secured behind a brightly colored surgical mask of the kind readily available at any and every drug store.

Whenever possible I made sure to let loose a nice chest deep, hacking cough with lots of phlegm, just for the fun of watching their eyes pop open in panic. I suppose, after all these years, there is a bit of the sadist in me, but as long as the only thrill it ever knows is mercilessly taunting those who panic at a global pandemic with the massive confirmed death toll of 22, I guess I can live with it.

Speaking of death tolls. I find it hilarious that after crying out they had over 150 deaths and begging the world for assistance, Mexico has suddenly gone quiet and is whispering from time to time, "the actual death toll might be lower, like, maybe 20 or so?"

And in the background, I learn that Ron Paul has been busy again. It seems that one of President Bush's contributions to the "quiet revolution" was the creation of the "New Freedom Commision on Mental Health". Well, good old Ron Paul wants to prevent any screening process created on the basis of the commission's recommendations from prescribing drugs to children without bothering to inform the parents. I think Ron Paul has a good idea, but he doesn't take it far enough. Rather, he should be putting out an initiative that will prevent anyone from ever ordering the creation of a mandatory mental health screening process by any political body at any level of government. We have seen so many insane Hegelian bills put forth this year (as I have pointed out here, here, and here) I suppose it is not surprising that somebody is standing up to the big boys. My kudos to Ron Paul. It seems I underestimated the man and he really was the best Presidential candidate for 2008.

Along those same lines, a couple days ago Nancy Pelosi decided she and all her friends were above the law and should not be subject to investigation and interrogation by the nation's mulitple law enforcement agencies.

There is a cancer in modern America. It is killing us as surely as renal cancer killed my mother a few years ago. It is something I call the "culture of self-indulgence" and it is indemic to the Baby Boom generation, especially those born in the years 1946-1948. This generation grew up surrounded by conditions their grandparents would only have associated with superrich industrialists and royalty. Shattered by the horror of World War II, an entire generation of parents sought to bury their own pain by catering to every whim and whimsy their children desired. Sometimes they even went so far as to anticipate their kid's dreams by buying them the biggest, brightest, shiniest new gizmo available long before the child ever thought to ask for it. Conditioned by childhood to believe the world would always cater to their whims and anticipate their needs, this is the generation that gave back to us the Summer of Love, LSD, AIDS, and the iPod.

These spoiled, elitist children who believe as sure as the sun rises that they are more gifted, better educated, and more intelligent than the rest of us, is bound and determined to tell us what to wear, how to live, and what to say in public. They are paranoid of guns, freedom, and poverty, mostly because their only direct experience with any of these has been through their television screen (or, in even more contemporary times, their computer screen).

No, I did not make a mistake. They are paranoid of freedom. Keep in mind that their entire life is a life of complete and total dependency. Growing up they were dependent on their parents, in college they were dependent on their friends, and throughout their career they have been dependent on their workplaces. With relatively few exceptions (such as Steve Jobs), everything they have ever done has been aimed at pleasing whoever and whatever was taking care of their personal needs so that they could spend their free time getting high and getting laid. The only real priorities in their lives, and the only real initiative they ever show, is finding the next good feeling. After all, with their personal needs taken care of, what else is there for them to do?

As a comparative aside, let us consider for a moment Beethoven and Mozart. They were also spoiled and dependent. Born of European aristocracy, they were both raised to believe themselves superior to the common man. Despite this, they found the time to create symphonies so extraordinary that modern live performances still leave audiences silent in awe.

The Baby Boomers? They gave us the Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. Oh, and also Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Sid Vicious. With such shining role models is it really any surprise that most leaders of our day and age are corrupt, selfish, and narcissistic? After all, they grew up with everything handed to them on silver platters and most their heroes died from either drug overdoses or suicide. Those few who were not killed by lifestyle died in plane crashes or at the hands of crazed fans who were also Baby Boomers.

In short, the main disease plagueing our nation is not swine flu. No, the real disease is a culture of self-indulgence permeating the ranks of bankers, business leaders, academics, lawyers and politicians. Swine flu, for the moment, is nothing to fear. Our elitist, self-indulgent political leadership on the other hand, is leading us merrily down the road to Armageddon. Even worse, it might be too late to change course.