May 19, 2009

Firearms related deaths in perspective

According to CDC's WISQARS database in 2006 there were:

"suicide" firearms related deaths or injuries: 16,883
"unintentional" firearms related deaths or injuries: 642
"legal intervention" firearms related deaths or injuries: 360
"intention unknown" firearms related deaths or injuries: 220
"all intents" firearms related deaths or injuries: 30,896
"all intents" and "all deaths and adverse effects": 181,586

From a total population of: 298,754,819

So, just using readily available data from the CDC website, I suppose you might argue that "unintentional" beats out "legal intervention" almost 2:1. However, in both cases we're still only looking at roughly a thousand deaths in a population of almost 299 million people. Over half the total firearms related deaths and injuries were suicides, which means that even without the Second Amendment, those people definitely would have found some way to exit this life. Personally, I believe suicide should be regarded as a civil right (and yes, I have had loved ones commit suicide).

So if people who oppose firearms really want to help, perhaps instead of attacking firearms ownership more of them should study counseling and get involved in suicide prevention? Or better yet, maybe they should become a defensive driving instructors! In 2006 there were 43,664 "unintentional" "motor vehicle, traffic" related deaths and injuries.