June 05, 2009

Fine words, high ideals, now what?

Sometimes I don't know what to think. I happened to log on last night just in time to watch Pres. Obama's speech from beginning to end. As always, I was deeply impressed with his message. In many ways, I find myself identifying with Barack Obama the man, especially in the attitudes he professes concerning relations in the Middle East, the role of government, and the failures of the past.

Unfortunately, almost every time he crafts a policy something gets lost in translation. He talks about government of, by and for the people, then ignores public demands to reverse TARP and adds another trillion dollars to the pot besides. He expresses support for Israel's right to exist, then sends over $120 million to the Gaza Strip from a fund that legally has only one purpose: resettling oppressed people in the United States and providing them a stipend to live on for up to two years. He claims no desire to hamper the working of a free market, then has the government buy a controlling stake in GM.

So I'm a little confused. I find myself respecting everything he says, and hating everything he does. Is something getting lost in translation or is he using a different English language than I am?

Now he wants to bring peace to the Middle East by supporting both the nation of Israel and the terrorists dedicated to its destruction. Something tells me I'm about to be disappointed again.