June 10, 2009

Repeating myself...

...is in poor taste. I realize this, but this video is too important to ignore.

The great crisis facing our nation at this moment in time is not debt, nor an out of control Congress, nor an apologetic president. The great crisis that is leading irrevocably to the end of the greatest nation the world has ever known is a crisis of identity. We Americans have lost the vision of our forefathers. We have taken upon our shoulders a responsibility no nation on earth can carry: the very salvation of the world itself.

We are not responsible for the failures of the IMF. We are not responsible for the blind hatred of Al Qaeda and their allies. We are not responsible for the future of the Chinese people. We are, first and foremost, responsible to ourselves and our children. If we allow our nation to bury itself in debt on the false assumption that this impossible burden will provide temporary relief for a time of economic downturn than we deserve to fail even as Rome failed, even as the Ottomans failed, even as the Ming failed, even as every nation of fools down through history who took upon themselves the responsibility to "provide for the collective good" have failed.

Each individual, no matter how well born or how low born, how healthy or how sick, each individual must be responsible for their own life. If they have the ability to help those immediately around them, and if they use it, then that is even better, but it is not their responsibility.

America will fail, and will fail soon, unless we, the American people, relearn the lessons of our forefathers and take responsibility for the future of our nation.

It's not up to Obama. It's up to you.