June 02, 2009

This is why I will never buy into a "managed" community!

I owned a small parcel in Colorado that was part of a "managed community". At first, it was cool. The homeowner's association president was one of the first people to settle there. He displayed an American flag in his front yard and was a retired military man, though I don't recall which branch.

Then he died. I was not living there yet, and was faced with a vote for a new association president between six people with no information about them, so I voted for the man's son. He lost. The new president pushed through a new set of covenants which basically transformed the entire community into a liberal paradise with an eco-agenda like nothing I have ever seen. Recycled building materials, solar energy, biodegradable decorations, organic yards, the whole kit and kaboodle. This "ethically minded" and "community-centered" president then ran off with his neighbor's wife and took the entire homeowner's association fund with him.

Property values plummeted, people moved away, and my pleasant country lot was suddenly worth less than the annual taxes the county and state assessed, let alone the homeowner's association fee. I wrote a letter to the county, the state, and the homeowner's association telling all three they could fight over the land in court, I was never sending any of them another check.

Homeowner's association = communism in action. Don't let anyone convince you differently.