June 11, 2009

Why are people so angry?

Shepherd Smith of Fox News Responds to a Barrage of Angry E-mail

A couple days ago I uncovered an odd internet rumor. Apparently sometime last spring someone in Pres. Obama's inner circle promised the Russians that "all Americans will have their guns confiscated by September". I laughed and dismissed it as just another wild internet hoax.

Now I see this report and I see the many Digg participants who are frightened silly that some wacko with a gun is going to come knock on their door and shoot them for supporting Pres. Obama. Two incidents in 11 days is tragic, and nothing more. There might be more incidents, there might even be a big one of some kind, but that does not indicate a growing trend of hatred for Pres. Obama.

Instead of panicking over imagined encounters with crazed gunmen, somebody needs to be asking why so many people are so angry. This anger might manifest as imagined slights over Pres. Obama's birth certificate (which has already been made available to the public so I cannot imagine why anyone would hold onto this delusion), but that is not the source of the anger.

For the past thirty years of my adult life I have watched in horror as the nation my family fought and died to create and build has drifted further and further away from the ideal of individual liberty my ancestors put into ink and parchment and into a quagmire of "safety regulations" that protect no one while making it almost impossible to buy a car big enough to hold a family of five, build a house with more than two bedrooms, buy a house for anyone making less than a cool million a year, or find a job that pays well enough to keep a family of five in food, clothing, and decent shelter.

The core body of American people, the hardworking blue collar class that might not have a high school diploma but can build bridges, lay highways, erect skyscrapers, and then maintain everything we depend on to live and prosper, has been squeezed out of the American dream by global conglomerates who build factories in Mexico, China, or Thailand and then import "domestic" brands, brands whose 24/7 call-in support centers are located in India, Malaysia, or Taiwan. Globalization has brought new wealth to nations that thirty years ago could barely feed their own people, but the American worker has borne the cost of this transfer of wealth from the world's wealthiest economy into the world's poorest.

This is why people are angry and this why they are lashing out at delusions and phobias. Our nation has abandoned the very people that made it great and spent an entire generation making the rest of the world wealthy. The Baby Boom generation not only sold out their early ideals of self-sufficiency and strong, self-made communities, they have sold out the very nation that gave them the opportunity to achieve so much with so little.

So, yeah. People are angry. And yes, there is a very real possibility of an armed rebellion in America's immediate future, but to my mind, this anger is not the fault of the people who own guns, believe in the Constitution, go to church on Sunday, and believe all life is sacred, especially unborn babies and small children. The fault lies directly in the bloodied hands of the selfish, greedy, narcissistic generation that spent their drug-abusing youth chasing a Marxist utopia, then went back to school, got MBAs, and have spent their middle-age and early senior years destroying everything that made America great to begin with.

5% of Americans control 90% of the nation's wealth. That, and that alone, is the real problem.