August 30, 2009

Why didn't her police detective father teach her self-defense?

CNN Report on the Conviction of Michael King
Columnist Kathy Silverberg Responds to the Conviction of Michael King

Kathy Silverberg concludes her response to the conviction of Micheal King for the kidnap, rape, and murder of Denise Amber Lee this way:

We can spend our time worrying about what might befall us, or we can choose to appreciate the gifts of life and love for as long as they last.

I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but I find Kathy Silverberg's conclusion to be trite, naive, and suicidal. Appreciating those around us is something we need to consciously practice every single day of our lives. We cannot know if or when some natural or manmade disaster will rise up to steal them from us. Love is appreciation of the gifts we have been given, but love is also a dedication to defend and preserve those gifts against anyone or anything that seeks to steal them from us. Appreciation must go hand in hand with vigilance because life has always been, and always will be, completely unpredictable. Security is an illusion that must not be taken for granted.

If Denise Amber Lee had kept a gun within easy reach her killer would be dead and her children would still have their mother. Would the children be any less traumatized by watching their mother gun down a home invader than they are now? I think not, but even if they were, they would still have their mother to comfort them.

August 28, 2009

Culture Change in America

MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative

A friend of mine sent me the link above. This link is a thirteen-minute video that discusses something which I first learned about last summer, namely, the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, and the Institute for Social Research. For more information just Google any of those.

Culture change in pre-industrial societies is largely brought about by the spiritual leaders within those societies (such as medicine men, shaman, herbalists, or bone readers). Through their "contact with the unseen world" these leaders gain an authority that no political leader (such as a king, chief, or village headman) can possibly argue with. When the spiritual leader was honest and genuine, these small societies generally prospered because the spiritual leader only handed down proclamations that opposed self-destructive directives from the political leadership. When the spiritual leader was corrupt, sycophantic, or oppressed by an ambitious and popular political leader, a society often reaped a great short-term reward but suffered a catastrophic long-term future (such as that experienced by the successive Mongolian empires).

At this point in our history, our nation is at a great crossroads unlike any that has come before. Our cultural heritage is the sole property of we the people. Both the politicians and the religious leaders are fighting hard to gain control of our cultural future. One promises a utopian society based on universal health care, universal employment, and redistribution of wealth. The other promises a utopian future based on spiritual awakening, universal love, and national enlightenment. There are also powerful, influential groups in academia who are working hard to bring about a "new cultural paradigm" in the United States of America. What they are not telling you, what most of them do not even know, is that their progressive agenda is not based on true rationalism at all. The foundation for far too many of these utopian dreams is pure Marxism.

Watch the complete thirteen-minute video. If you disagree, that's okay, but before you settle your mind, I would like to encourage you to take the time to Google the items I mention in the first paragraph and do some reading. The question you and I must settle in our own minds is whether or not we want our country to become a carbon copy of Great Britain, France, and China. Do we want to allow the idea and ideals of the Frankfurt School to permeate our way of life so completely that we abandon the blood-bought lifestyle bequeathed to us by our forefathers? Do we want to abandon our traditions in order to work for a utopia that has failed miserably in every single country that has tried it?

I, for one, do not. Now that I know where the progressive agenda comes from and who is behind it I will fight it with every resource I can muster. I will not sit quietly by and watch Marxist idealism become the new cultural paradigm for the land my ancestors sacrificed so much to build.

Choose your side. This is the decade of conflict. Will we preserve the heritage of freedom and equality for all bought with the blood of our forefathers or will we tear down this edifice of sun-bleached bone and erect a peasant society ruled by an entrenched, self-righteous elite? There is no middle ground.

August 27, 2009

Because they can, unless we stop them

Everyone who opposes the current administration's agenda is quickly labeled in some derogatory manner. Of course, this is not new. This denigration of opposition began under the Bush-Cheney-Rove team when they labeled anyone who opposed the war, "a traitor". Now anyone who opposes the new progressive agenda, anyone who asks why Congress is neither writing nor reading the bills they are rushing to sign, anyone who suggests that having half a dozen avowed Marxists as presidential advisers is contrary to our history and traditions, is in turn labeled either "a crazy, gun-toting redneck" or "a potential domestic terrorist" and sometimes both

If the Republican party had fielded a serious candidate instead of a batch of broken men with questionable backgrounds we would not be in this mess right now. Why didn't they? Did all the serious contenders assume they did not stand a chance and therefore were not willing to run? Or, even worse, is this mishmash of eclectic views and odd eccentrics wholly representative of the current party leadership? I don't know why the Republican party failed to produce a genuine candidate. I do know that now we are stuck with a raging Marxist with an agenda frighteningly similar to the National Socialist party that Adolf Hitler rode into power.

Don't misunderstand me. I am NOT saying Barack Obama is the equal of Adolf Hitler, nor am I saying the Democratic Party is the National Socialist Party reborn. I AM saying that the similarities between Barack Obama and George Bush in terms of how they administer the executive branch and the way they ignore the American people are rapidly becoming too parallel to casually dismiss. Something is not right in Washington D.C. Sadly, it might be too late to repair the damage.

Be vigilant. If Mark Lloyd the new media czar and Van Jones the new green czar (excuse me, "Special Advisers to the President") push through regulations demanding Americans in all walks of life conform to their progressive, collectivist value system then things could get very bad, very quickly.

If Pres. Obama really wanted "change", the first thing he would have done is initiate a bill to repeal the Patriot Act and then fire the many "Special Advisors" appointed by Bush while refusing to appoint any of his own. He has allowed the Patriot Act to continue without challenge and has skipped over the Congressional vetting of cabinet appointees by appointing "Special Advisers" instead. Only half the official President-appointed and Congress-vetted posts have been filled. I don't think this is accidental.

I don't often play the prophecy game, but here's a trio:

1) President Obama will not fill out his cabinet. Instead, he will appoint more "Special Advisers".
2) A flurry of regulations that are value-based and intended to force America into a Marxist-style egalitarin utopia will come down from the FCC, EPA, and other agencies that can leglislate without Congressional debate.
3) Next spring, and possibly as early as this fall, there will be a major event of some kind "forcing" the government to directly intervene in firearms ownership, private property ownership, and small business management. This could be a PR-campaign designed to create panic around a flu "epidemic", another terrorist attack on the level of 9/11, a military attack that endangers a close ally, or something similar (and perhaps all three).

Let's hope and pray some natural disaster does not come along and provide the excuse for them. If they are forced to plan something then the odds are pretty fair they will leave some evidence of their meddling.

August 21, 2009

Sometimes there can be no co-existence

Christian Teen in America Flees her Muslim Parents
An Islamic Blog Seeks to Bring Sharia Law to the U.S.
Fleeing Sharia Law in America
U.S. Supreme Court Allows Federal Funding of an Islamic School while Denying Funding of a Christian School

This war is coming and it is coming sooner than we expect. Already in Britain Muslim families are not obliged to obey British law and may instead choose to have local Mullahs adjudicate any and all issues that arise within the family, even if those issues would have serious criminal repercussions in the normal British courts.

Their next target is the United States. If we allow them any recourse to the Sharia court system then they will, over time, remove themselves entirely from the legal system that controls everyone else.

We must destroy this monster before it has a chance to be born. Any attempt to force American society to allow individual Muslims to be judged independently of the normal legal system must be denied and any attempt to incorporate Sharia law into our legal system must also be destroyed. The only alternative is a slow, gradual, inevitable slide into the same kind of inhumane legal system practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim countries.

"The War on Terror" is meaningless and those who seek to destroy our way of life know it. Their next attack will be in the courts in an effort to free themselves from our laws and begin the process of forcing Sharia law onto the rest of us.

Yes, it really is that dire.

August 20, 2009

This what a dictatorship looks like

America's Affordable Health Care Choices Act
American Clean Energy and Security Act
Food Safety Enhancement Act
CNN Reports on Obama, Faith, and Healthcare

I honestly do not know where to start. The three acts I have linked above will destroy the remnants of the America I grew up loving. The first will transform our healthcare system into the same kind of failed socialist healthcare systems that send tens of thousands of Canadians and Europeans flooding into American hospitals every single year. America is where the world comes when the socialist healthcare systems in their home country cannot help them. If we transform our system into a copy of theirs, where will these people go? Why would we want to mimic these failed systems that cater to the petty colds and flus of hypocondriacs while denying care to cancer patients and the elderly? Do you really want your tax dollars to pay for the gunshot wounds of drug dealers and inner city gangsters? Don't we already spend too much money caring for society's worst parasites? Why would we want to throw good money after bad?

The second bill will give the commodities brokers and fast-talking con artists in Wall Street and Chicago one more meaningless piece of paper to trade back and forth and soak up billions in investment money that ought to go into new factories, better health care plans for workers, and college tuitions for their children. Why do the top 5% of American's economic elite need yet another waste of paper to trade back and forth? If we are really worried about greenhouse gases then shouldn't we be providing tax breaks and tax credits for factories that improve local clean up operations, install better pollution controls, and hire technicians to maintain those systems? How is giving the richest of the rich another empty investment paper going to help curb pollution and improve our way of life?

The third bill will force hobby farmers, family farmers (the few remaining) and large-scale organic farmers to pay insanely high fees for meaningless inspections, dozens of new "permits", dozens of new "licenses", and force them to register every single animal they own (and pay a fee for each one!). Roadside vegetable stands will have to pay for a similar barrage of permits and inspections. In some cases your family vegetable patch will also have to be inspected and you will have to get permits every year to plant in it.

But don't take my word for it. There are the links. Go read the bills for yourself!

So next time Pres. Obama, your neighbor, or your local representative tells you we have a moral imperative to pass these bills, tell them what you found when you read them! Obama is attending town halls and promising utopia, but not a single one of his talking points is actually in the bill he is trying to shove down your throat.

The 111th Congress, under the leadership of a man who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, and using the advice of three dozen "czars" who answer to no one but themselves, is trying to transform our country into a copy of France, the United Kingdom, or even China. I personally will oppose this transformation with every tool available to me under the Constitution of the United States. And I do mean every single tool!