August 27, 2009

Because they can, unless we stop them

Everyone who opposes the current administration's agenda is quickly labeled in some derogatory manner. Of course, this is not new. This denigration of opposition began under the Bush-Cheney-Rove team when they labeled anyone who opposed the war, "a traitor". Now anyone who opposes the new progressive agenda, anyone who asks why Congress is neither writing nor reading the bills they are rushing to sign, anyone who suggests that having half a dozen avowed Marxists as presidential advisers is contrary to our history and traditions, is in turn labeled either "a crazy, gun-toting redneck" or "a potential domestic terrorist" and sometimes both

If the Republican party had fielded a serious candidate instead of a batch of broken men with questionable backgrounds we would not be in this mess right now. Why didn't they? Did all the serious contenders assume they did not stand a chance and therefore were not willing to run? Or, even worse, is this mishmash of eclectic views and odd eccentrics wholly representative of the current party leadership? I don't know why the Republican party failed to produce a genuine candidate. I do know that now we are stuck with a raging Marxist with an agenda frighteningly similar to the National Socialist party that Adolf Hitler rode into power.

Don't misunderstand me. I am NOT saying Barack Obama is the equal of Adolf Hitler, nor am I saying the Democratic Party is the National Socialist Party reborn. I AM saying that the similarities between Barack Obama and George Bush in terms of how they administer the executive branch and the way they ignore the American people are rapidly becoming too parallel to casually dismiss. Something is not right in Washington D.C. Sadly, it might be too late to repair the damage.

Be vigilant. If Mark Lloyd the new media czar and Van Jones the new green czar (excuse me, "Special Advisers to the President") push through regulations demanding Americans in all walks of life conform to their progressive, collectivist value system then things could get very bad, very quickly.

If Pres. Obama really wanted "change", the first thing he would have done is initiate a bill to repeal the Patriot Act and then fire the many "Special Advisors" appointed by Bush while refusing to appoint any of his own. He has allowed the Patriot Act to continue without challenge and has skipped over the Congressional vetting of cabinet appointees by appointing "Special Advisers" instead. Only half the official President-appointed and Congress-vetted posts have been filled. I don't think this is accidental.

I don't often play the prophecy game, but here's a trio:

1) President Obama will not fill out his cabinet. Instead, he will appoint more "Special Advisers".
2) A flurry of regulations that are value-based and intended to force America into a Marxist-style egalitarin utopia will come down from the FCC, EPA, and other agencies that can leglislate without Congressional debate.
3) Next spring, and possibly as early as this fall, there will be a major event of some kind "forcing" the government to directly intervene in firearms ownership, private property ownership, and small business management. This could be a PR-campaign designed to create panic around a flu "epidemic", another terrorist attack on the level of 9/11, a military attack that endangers a close ally, or something similar (and perhaps all three).

Let's hope and pray some natural disaster does not come along and provide the excuse for them. If they are forced to plan something then the odds are pretty fair they will leave some evidence of their meddling.