August 28, 2009

Culture Change in America

MSNBC & The Great Liberal Narrative

A friend of mine sent me the link above. This link is a thirteen-minute video that discusses something which I first learned about last summer, namely, the Frankfurt School, Critical Theory, and the Institute for Social Research. For more information just Google any of those.

Culture change in pre-industrial societies is largely brought about by the spiritual leaders within those societies (such as medicine men, shaman, herbalists, or bone readers). Through their "contact with the unseen world" these leaders gain an authority that no political leader (such as a king, chief, or village headman) can possibly argue with. When the spiritual leader was honest and genuine, these small societies generally prospered because the spiritual leader only handed down proclamations that opposed self-destructive directives from the political leadership. When the spiritual leader was corrupt, sycophantic, or oppressed by an ambitious and popular political leader, a society often reaped a great short-term reward but suffered a catastrophic long-term future (such as that experienced by the successive Mongolian empires).

At this point in our history, our nation is at a great crossroads unlike any that has come before. Our cultural heritage is the sole property of we the people. Both the politicians and the religious leaders are fighting hard to gain control of our cultural future. One promises a utopian society based on universal health care, universal employment, and redistribution of wealth. The other promises a utopian future based on spiritual awakening, universal love, and national enlightenment. There are also powerful, influential groups in academia who are working hard to bring about a "new cultural paradigm" in the United States of America. What they are not telling you, what most of them do not even know, is that their progressive agenda is not based on true rationalism at all. The foundation for far too many of these utopian dreams is pure Marxism.

Watch the complete thirteen-minute video. If you disagree, that's okay, but before you settle your mind, I would like to encourage you to take the time to Google the items I mention in the first paragraph and do some reading. The question you and I must settle in our own minds is whether or not we want our country to become a carbon copy of Great Britain, France, and China. Do we want to allow the idea and ideals of the Frankfurt School to permeate our way of life so completely that we abandon the blood-bought lifestyle bequeathed to us by our forefathers? Do we want to abandon our traditions in order to work for a utopia that has failed miserably in every single country that has tried it?

I, for one, do not. Now that I know where the progressive agenda comes from and who is behind it I will fight it with every resource I can muster. I will not sit quietly by and watch Marxist idealism become the new cultural paradigm for the land my ancestors sacrificed so much to build.

Choose your side. This is the decade of conflict. Will we preserve the heritage of freedom and equality for all bought with the blood of our forefathers or will we tear down this edifice of sun-bleached bone and erect a peasant society ruled by an entrenched, self-righteous elite? There is no middle ground.