August 21, 2009

Sometimes there can be no co-existence

Christian Teen in America Flees her Muslim Parents
An Islamic Blog Seeks to Bring Sharia Law to the U.S.
Fleeing Sharia Law in America
U.S. Supreme Court Allows Federal Funding of an Islamic School while Denying Funding of a Christian School

This war is coming and it is coming sooner than we expect. Already in Britain Muslim families are not obliged to obey British law and may instead choose to have local Mullahs adjudicate any and all issues that arise within the family, even if those issues would have serious criminal repercussions in the normal British courts.

Their next target is the United States. If we allow them any recourse to the Sharia court system then they will, over time, remove themselves entirely from the legal system that controls everyone else.

We must destroy this monster before it has a chance to be born. Any attempt to force American society to allow individual Muslims to be judged independently of the normal legal system must be denied and any attempt to incorporate Sharia law into our legal system must also be destroyed. The only alternative is a slow, gradual, inevitable slide into the same kind of inhumane legal system practiced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other Muslim countries.

"The War on Terror" is meaningless and those who seek to destroy our way of life know it. Their next attack will be in the courts in an effort to free themselves from our laws and begin the process of forcing Sharia law onto the rest of us.

Yes, it really is that dire.