August 20, 2009

This what a dictatorship looks like

America's Affordable Health Care Choices Act
American Clean Energy and Security Act
Food Safety Enhancement Act
CNN Reports on Obama, Faith, and Healthcare

I honestly do not know where to start. The three acts I have linked above will destroy the remnants of the America I grew up loving. The first will transform our healthcare system into the same kind of failed socialist healthcare systems that send tens of thousands of Canadians and Europeans flooding into American hospitals every single year. America is where the world comes when the socialist healthcare systems in their home country cannot help them. If we transform our system into a copy of theirs, where will these people go? Why would we want to mimic these failed systems that cater to the petty colds and flus of hypocondriacs while denying care to cancer patients and the elderly? Do you really want your tax dollars to pay for the gunshot wounds of drug dealers and inner city gangsters? Don't we already spend too much money caring for society's worst parasites? Why would we want to throw good money after bad?

The second bill will give the commodities brokers and fast-talking con artists in Wall Street and Chicago one more meaningless piece of paper to trade back and forth and soak up billions in investment money that ought to go into new factories, better health care plans for workers, and college tuitions for their children. Why do the top 5% of American's economic elite need yet another waste of paper to trade back and forth? If we are really worried about greenhouse gases then shouldn't we be providing tax breaks and tax credits for factories that improve local clean up operations, install better pollution controls, and hire technicians to maintain those systems? How is giving the richest of the rich another empty investment paper going to help curb pollution and improve our way of life?

The third bill will force hobby farmers, family farmers (the few remaining) and large-scale organic farmers to pay insanely high fees for meaningless inspections, dozens of new "permits", dozens of new "licenses", and force them to register every single animal they own (and pay a fee for each one!). Roadside vegetable stands will have to pay for a similar barrage of permits and inspections. In some cases your family vegetable patch will also have to be inspected and you will have to get permits every year to plant in it.

But don't take my word for it. There are the links. Go read the bills for yourself!

So next time Pres. Obama, your neighbor, or your local representative tells you we have a moral imperative to pass these bills, tell them what you found when you read them! Obama is attending town halls and promising utopia, but not a single one of his talking points is actually in the bill he is trying to shove down your throat.

The 111th Congress, under the leadership of a man who bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, and using the advice of three dozen "czars" who answer to no one but themselves, is trying to transform our country into a copy of France, the United Kingdom, or even China. I personally will oppose this transformation with every tool available to me under the Constitution of the United States. And I do mean every single tool!