August 30, 2009

Why didn't her police detective father teach her self-defense?

CNN Report on the Conviction of Michael King
Columnist Kathy Silverberg Responds to the Conviction of Michael King

Kathy Silverberg concludes her response to the conviction of Micheal King for the kidnap, rape, and murder of Denise Amber Lee this way:

We can spend our time worrying about what might befall us, or we can choose to appreciate the gifts of life and love for as long as they last.

I don't know how anyone else feels about this, but I find Kathy Silverberg's conclusion to be trite, naive, and suicidal. Appreciating those around us is something we need to consciously practice every single day of our lives. We cannot know if or when some natural or manmade disaster will rise up to steal them from us. Love is appreciation of the gifts we have been given, but love is also a dedication to defend and preserve those gifts against anyone or anything that seeks to steal them from us. Appreciation must go hand in hand with vigilance because life has always been, and always will be, completely unpredictable. Security is an illusion that must not be taken for granted.

If Denise Amber Lee had kept a gun within easy reach her killer would be dead and her children would still have their mother. Would the children be any less traumatized by watching their mother gun down a home invader than they are now? I think not, but even if they were, they would still have their mother to comfort them.