September 15, 2009

The America I want to see

Over at Bruce Maiman the "Populist" Examiner asks,

Is this really how you see America?

Sadly, yes, that is pretty much how I see modern America. I won't call it a conspiracy, because it is not that well organized. There is, however, a culture of elitism with powerful collectivist undertones that is seeking to transform the United States of America into a clone of the People's Republic of China. This misguided collection of academics, idealists, and utopian dreamers believes with a faith that would make a friar blush that the only way humanity can survive is for us to abandon our stubborn individuality and submerge our individual needs into a universal one-mind guided by they and their allies.

This is what I do NOT want to see.

So what kind of changes do I want to see in America? Only two:

1> An end to government intervention in daily life. An end to foolish laws that dictate the size of toilets, the type of lightbulbs, the chemical composition of automotive exhaust, the amount of salt in canned food, and so on. People NEED choices. They cannot have choices if regulations created by agencies that answer to no one but themselves dictate every detail of daily life.

2> An end to wasteful government spending. We can start by eliminating all those agencies with no oversight who create the myriad of regulations controlling our daily life. We can start with DHS, the IRS, the EPA, the BATFE, the FDC, and the FLRA. Federal laws that cannot be enforced through the FBI and U.S. Marshall's office are largely created by bureaucrats working independent of any oversight. If it is not violent criminal activity that endangers the lives and property of citizens outside the purview of state governments then the federal government should not be involved. Health, environment, labor, and industrial regulations need to created and controlled by local governments with an intimate and immediate presence in the locales where those regulations are enforced.

That's it! Two changes. Granted, these are sweeping changes that would reverse a century of "progress", but seriously, where has progress helped us? "Progress" has transformed us from a productive society of hardworking individuals dedicated to self-improvement into a self-indulgent nation dedicated to leisure and self-aggrandizement.