September 11, 2009

China strikes at the heart of America and wins

Freedom Tower Renamed to One World Trade Center

This happened last March. I just learned about it today. The "Freedom Tower" will not reflect American freedom, liberty and justice for all. Instead, it will reflect the oppressive and sadistic desires of an elitist group of rich, powerful Chinese businessmen and politicians. Notice these two paragraphs brought together to more clearly show the connection between them:

The reason for the name swapping? One World Trade Center is more marketable, said Steve Sigmund, a spokesman for the Port Authority.

"We believe there's been a good response in the marketplace toward it," Sigmund said Thursday.

On Wednesday, the agency announced that the first commercial tenant, a Chinese real estate company, has signed a lease for space in the building. The Beijing Vantone Industrial Company has agreed to lease five floors - 64 through 69 - for nearly 21 years.

My God, people! Do you really not understand what this means? Have we become so blind, so introverted, and so disconnected from our government that we cannot see something so painfully obvious?

China controls most of our national debt. Chinese toy companies flood our market with lead-paint contaminated toys and we do nothing. A Chinese company rents floors in a tower and they are allowed to change the name. And now Pres. Obama wants a national health insurance program.

These things are NOT unrelated! We have been sold out! Our bankers, our richest people, and our government have sold us to the People's Republic of China.

We have become communist in all but name. Why are we not marching in the streets demanding our country back?