September 12, 2009

Every now and again, a miracle

Jim Renacci for Congress

Today I went to the Wayne County Fair. My main purpose in attending the fair was to make contact with local vendors, local agricultural co-ops, and local businesses. Country fairs are a perfect place to meet new neighbors, find out what grows well in your region, and make contact with the people who depend on the soil to earn their daily bread. In addition to the farmers, ranchers, 4-H members, and school science projects that I expected to see, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the local Republican Party had a booth in one of the buildings.

Call it fate, call it the grace of God, call it dumb luck, or call it whatever you like, either way, Jim Renacci (the man set to make a run for the Congressional seat that represents the area where my property is) was right there conducting a meet and greet. I let the campaign manager introduce me, then I hit him with both barrels, asking the hard questions necessary to find out just where he stands and how much he knows about politics in modern America.

I came away deeply impressed. Jim Renacci is a businessman and politician who has been through the school of hard knocks and graduated with flying colors. He understands both what it takes to succeed in business and what it takes to succeed in politics. In addition to being a partner in the dealership where I bought my car (Renacci-Doraty Chevrolet), he served as mayor of Wadsworth. While serving as mayor he not only brought the $80 million budget back into balance without raising taxes, he also managed to cut $2 million in city expenses!

One of the things that impressed me was that he knew the bills currently before Congress by both name and bill number. Not only had he read them, he was able to respond to my own well-read questions about their content. He also offered countless ideas of his own on how they could have been written better. He even had many ideas for newer, better bills that would address real problems and begin the steps necessary to put America back on track to greater liberty, lower taxes, and smaller government.

I am not dedicated to stopping the progressive agenda that is transforming our country into a carbon copy of the People's Republic of China. I am dedicated to reversing it by restoring liberty and putting America back on the road to being both the strongest industrial and most prosperous commercial nation in the world. After speaking with Jim Renacci today I am convinced I have met a politician with both the will and the knowledge to do what needs to be done to reverse the self-destructive behavior of our out-of-control federal government.

I signed up to join his campaign. I don't know what I can do, but I will do everything I can to get him into office and help him accomplish his goals.

2010 is going to be a very busy year!