September 26, 2009

Meet Jim Renacci

I lived in Japan for about 25 years. One of the main things I have hated about living in Japan is the inability to participate in the political process. I had no voice in Japanese politics because I was not a Japanese citizen while I also had no voice in American politics because I lived overseas and was easily ignored. As a result, one of my major goals in returning to the United States was to become politically active in my new community then run for some local offices. After serving several terms locally I planned to make a run for something major, like congress or governor.

Then I met Jim Renacci at the Wayne County Fair. I hit him with precise questions about the issues that were important to me and received informed, real-world answers. The following week I went to the Ashland County Fair to show my support for Jim. While I was there I met Matt Miller who is also running for the same seat in the House of Representatives (the 16th District in Ohio). I hit Matt with the same questions I used on Jim and received vague, general answers that bespoke a level of naivete I was not comfortable with. As soon as Matt detected his answers were not acceptable he launched into an evangelical rant about how we need men of good conscience and pure heart in congress.

Now I'm a big believer in clear consciences and pure hearts. I've been active in evangelical Christianity for over thirty years. When I lived in Denver I worked among prostitutes, doing things like distributing Gideon Bibles and taking them to the hospital when their customers got violent as well as providing material needs like blankets, clothes, and hot soup. However, I have no desire to send an evangelist to represent my district in congress! If a congressional representative has a moral and ethical position I can agree with, then that is all I ask. Their job is to protect local interests against an intrusive government, not to win hearts and minds for Christ.

I know that this blog reaches people all over the world. As a result, most people have no personal interest in Ohio's 16th Congressional District. Nonetheless, this is a dangerous crisis point in American history and whether or not anyone wants to admit it, where America goes the world follows. Getting Jim Renacci into congress will be my way of nudging the entire world in the direction of greater freedom for business people, trades people, and everyone else who earns their way instead of relying on their government for handouts and charity.