September 08, 2009

Run in circles scream and shout

Update: Karl has an interesting response to Pres. Obama's address to our children:

An Address to Our Schoolchildren

Original post:

"When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout!"

Propaganda is an odd phenomenon. Sometimes it shows up in the most unlikely places and then is either not recognized for what it is, or is accepted at face value even though everyone realizes they are being conned. Pick any major television news outlet other than Fox and you will see eager, educated men and women proclaiming the depression is over and we are on the road to recovery. Fox, for their part, has almost abandoned economic news entirely, choosing instead to focus on the political ravings of Glenn Beck and the off-hand insults of multiple partisan commentators and pundits.

Personally, I've been telling people for over thirty years that this is the generation of judgement. Here and now, before I die, the world as we know it will be transformed from the old, comfortable loyalties and assumptions of tradition into something else, probably something much worse than history has ever shown us.

"And what," you might ask, "could possibly be worse than the mass genocides of the 20th Century?"

An even greater genocide. A genocide not aimed at any one political or cultural group but at humanity as a whole.

Every historic instance of genocide has had a trigger of some kind. A precursor of misdirection and deception or a reinforcement of old prejudices is called upon to justify the elimination of the target group and rally society around a demagogue driven more by sadism than by any genuine ideology. The most common historic trigger is economic collapse.

The world economy is completely dependent on the American economy. This is why there has been such an insane amount of stimulus packages and other government skulduggery aimed at saving the American economy. Even Europe and Asia have gotten into the act with small-scale stimulus packages of their own as if by some miracle the minor efforts they put forth could counter the depth of destruction the American economy has suffered over the past two decades.

Greed, ambition, and delusion have driven the American elites into bed with the most corrupt and parasitic of the old world aristocrats. In their desire to be seen as kings and queens in their own right, American politicians and business leaders have embraced the most obscene and narcissistic practices of the Old World. The current generation of "leaders" has abandoned the hard-won lessons of their forefathers concerning integrity and honesty in business for the greed and deception of men like Madoff, Boesky, and Lay. This culture of corruption is modelled after the inbred, "self-determinism" of British, German, Dutch, Saudi, and Asian royalty. It is based on the assumption that if it serves the need of the narcissist who finds himself (or herself) controlling resources they neither earned nor deserve, then it serves the needs of everyone in the world.

This is elitism at its worst. This elitism is the parasite that brought down the mighty empires of Rome, Egypt, England, Portugal, Venice, and France. It was the very first example of an entrenched, elitist aristocracy that weakened and ultimately destroyed the very first empire humanity ever built, namely, the Sumerian. And, sadly, it is this same narcissism that has doomed the modern world to a painful, convulsive death sometime in the very near future.

Buying gold will not save you when you have no food. Having food will not save you when you have no water. Having water will not save you when everyone around you has been driven so insane by thirst they will kill anyone who gets between they and the first sight of water they have seen in days.

The time has come to hoard the basics: ammunition, long shelf-life food, and water. Stake out your corner of paradise and be prepared to defend it. Once the collapse begins, it will come hard and fast and will be unstoppable.

Once upon a time I was an optimist. That was a very long time ago.