October 14, 2009

Because history repeats itself

Waco: Rules of Engagement (Google Video)

Waco: A New Revelation (Google Video)

The Branch Davidians of Waco: The History and Beliefs of an Apocalyptic Sect (at Amazon.com)

Armageddon in Waco: Critical Perspectives in the Branch Davidian Conflict (at Amazon.com)

The important question to my mind is not whether David Koresh was insane. To my mind the real question we need to ask is how deeply we want the federal government involved in our daily life. Later, after the fires died down, there were allegations of pedophilia and polygamy. It strikes me as odd, and deeply disturbing, that if these allegations were known beforehand, why did they fall back on unfounded weapon's charges to justify a raid and seige?

Was he insane? Perhaps. Was he dangerous? Thanks to an overeager Janet Reno, we will never know.


One of the most frightening aspects of this film is how many of the principal players are now running the country. They are committee chairs, cabinet members, "special advisors" (a.k.a., "czars"), and one of them is now the Vice President.

Why do these people keep getting re-elected? Do the people in their districts not watch the news? Is our national memory so short that in sixteen years we have forgotten the sadistic nature of the Waco seige?

This will happen again. The only question is when and where.

And finally, one more tidbit to keep you up at night: the lead investigator in the first, botched "investigation" into events at Waco is now being given the responsibility of creating a global police force.

(Added on October 27, 2009):

Time Online, March 15, 1993, "David Koresh: Cult of Death"
Time Online, May 3, 1993, "The Branch Davidians: Oh, My God They're Killing Themselves!"