October 09, 2009

Bob Basso on Hannity last August

This video appeared on Hannity on Fox News last August. Today I finally found a YouTube channel that posted it.

This is our country. The United States of America does not belong to the world. It belongs to us!

Today the international humanists gave Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize when he has neither resolved a single international issue nor succeeded in getting a single international initiative off the ground. The only thing he has accomplished is to bow to the King of Saudi Arabia and give a speech before a gathering of Muslim leaders in Cairo. How is this deserving of the same prize won by Ghandi and Mother Teresa?

Here's Thomas Paine on Hannity last August. It still applies, and it has become even more important.

(later in the day)

Even the Europeans are shocked and dumbfounded:

What in heaven's name did the Nobel committee think they were accomplishing?

Oh, and least we forget, the Afgans and Iraqis have some thoughts they'd like to share: