October 25, 2009

Read it and weep

No-Knock Warrants Turning Into Paramilitary Raids

This is something that has been bothering since mid-winter when the story of Phil Dominguez broke and then a few weeks later when the LAPD raided his house. As you can see by the link I opened with, this trend is growing worse every single day. Since when did the local city police become justified in shooting down innocent people just because they felt threatened? Since when did the "probable cause" in the Fourth Amendment become defined as whatever rumor catches the ear of an over-zealous police captain or county sheriff?

We are under siege in our own homes, our Congress and President have become the puppets of Mao-lovers who hate our country, and we have become a laughingstock among nations. Our country is bankrupt, destitute, and rapidly turning into a caricature of itself.

Is this the "change" we elected Barack Obama to bring about? It is not the kind of change I personally was looking for. For my part, I am writing this blog, writing letters to the editors of various newspapers, and working to get Jim Renacci elected to Congress in Ohio's 16th District. If this is not the kind of change you were looking for, then you need to be doing something about it and you need to start now.

The United States of America is being transformed into a Chinese province. Are you just going to sit there and let it happen?