November 09, 2009

It's about the man, not the religion and not the guns

Kamran Pasha: A Muslim Soldier's View from Fort Hood

I could not say anything that has not already been said in the article above. Go there. Read it. Pray for the soul of Hasan. Pray for the grieving families. Pray for the wounded.

The courts and the legal system will deal with Hasan. If anything, my one hope would be that somewhere along the line a more rational iman than the one he has been following will find him and lead him into the greater truths of Islam, the Prophet, and the true Jihad.

Muslims, especially imans and other teachers, you and only you can save your religion from becoming the curse of modern civilization. Speak to your people, remind them that the true jihad is not fought with guns and bombs, it is fought with prayer and fasting.

And Christians, you need to do the same! Christianity has its own deluded individuals who feel the time has come to take up the sword and fight for the faith. Spiritual warfare is NOT fought in the material world. How could it be? Spiritual is, by definition, not material.

It is time for Muslims to realize that if they are allowed to destroy Christian and Jewish institutions then Islam will be the next target of the secularists. The Christians, likewise, need to keep firmly in mind that if secularists are allowed to destroy Islam, Christianity will be next.

We are all painted with the same brush. It is up to us to define the color of the paint.


One of Kamran Pasha's links will take you here: Suicide in Traditional Islamic Law

It is important to remember that the majority of Muslims are NOT radical fundamentalists who subscribe to the views of Al-Qaeda, even as most Christians are NOT white supremacists who subscribe to the views of the KKK and Neo-Nazis. We must not let our world be defined by its most radical individuals!