November 01, 2009

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it does

From October 14, 2009. I have no idea why I am just now hearing about this. I'd thought I was a keeping a close eye on things, but this slipped right under my radar:

Or, if you prefer not to have Glenn Beck's interview stuck in the middle, here are Lord Monckton's remarks with no interruption:

And, just to show I did do my homework, here is a counterpoint at a website with a reputation for discerning fact from fiction in the speeches and statements of public officials:

PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter Responds to Lord Monckton's Concerns

And in order to give the opposition a say in the matter, here is a "green" website that both acknowledges the new draft originated in the Whitehouse and worries that it will prevent their movement from saving our world:

U.S. Could Ruin the Copenhagen Treaty

First things I first, I do NOT trust President Barack Obama to do what is in our nation's best interest. Ever since he bowed to the Saudi King back in April, I've grown daily more disillusioned with his definition of "change". The first time I read Niki Raapana's "Quiet Revolution" I recognized immediately just where, and how, our nation had been destroyed from within.

So there you are. First he refuses to reverse the Patriot Act, then he bows to the Saudi king, and now he is pushing a draft climate treaty that will hand over American sovereignty to a world government designed specifically to "redistribute" our nation's "ill-gotten gains" back to the people who President Obama and his allies feel are more deserving than you and I. We have allowed our education system to convince our children that America's founders were evil and Marx was a genuis. Barack Obama, a shining example of that system's success, is now poised to end our nation once and for all by leveraging in a World Government that will not only overshadow the United Nations in both scope and authority, it will test once and for all if a Marxist Utopia really works.

Unless we stop them in their tracks, those who love Marx and hate religion will bring to life the Book of Revelation right before our very eyes.

If you're not right with God, now would be a really good time to change that!