December 16, 2009

A declaration of war against you

Update, 12/17/09:

According to several sources, including "The Hill", the story that someone in the administration had threatened to close Offut Air Force Base is nothing more than a baseless rumor intentionally started by an unnamed staff worker. To quote The Hill, "Nelson said he knows the source of that rumor, suggesting that Republicans would be red-faced if details of the source of the rumor came out."

Alright, since the "source" in the original story was unnamed, I suppose it is only fair to give equal credence to Senator Ben Nelson himself, the alleged object of the original threat. I hope the good Senator is being truthful, for all our sakes.

Original post from 12/16/09:

There are three military bases the United States defense cannot operate without: Offut Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain, and Langley Air Force Base. Defense of the continental United States depends upon the ability to move intelligence and battlefield information between these three bases. Systems are in place to allow the loss of one of the three in time of war, provided the internal population (you and I) has not been subverted and provided the integrity of the Canadian and Mexican borders is intact. Should the population rebel, or the borders be breeched, command and control shifts immediately to NORTHCOM, based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

Are you with me here? The only reason in time of war that command and control shifts to Peterson Air Force Base is if the borders have been violated and the battle front is now located inside the forty-eight continental United States. So when I find this, "Whitehouse Threatens to Close Offut Air Force Base" only a few days after I stumble across this, "Obama Orders Troops to Prepare for Civil War", I get very worried.

In truth, I dismissed the EU Times article the day I read it. I did post it on Facebook and send it to my mailing list, but not because I felt it was credible. I only made people aware of it because I felt it presented an interesting scenario, not a realistic one. However, when a few days later Pres. Obama's administration threatens to close one of the three most important bases for dealing with external threats, a move which would by definition automatically shift strategic command to the base responsible for an internal threat, then I have to ask what the hell is going on at the Whitehouse?

The closure of Offut Air Force Base, even just the ability to imagine it, is a direct and overt admittance that the only threat the current administration is concerned about is you and I! This is far more than an attempt to coerce a senator into supporting an unpopular bill. This is nothing less than a full declaration of war against an internal enemey, and since our borders have not been breeched, the only possible internal enemy is the people of the United States themselves!

In short, the Whitehouse has now officially declared war on you. What are you going to do about it?