December 09, 2009

This is not "progress"!

Christianity in Modern England (a video)

I am a Christian. I have been a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Charismatic, Faith-healing follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for over three decades. If an atheist is allowed to deny God, a homosexual is allowed to defame God, and a Muslim nation is allowed to jail or execute Christians, then why is my faith suddenly regarded as "hatred"? This is not "progress"!

The globalists have made great strides in England. Watch carefully events unfolding in that ancient and revered land. England is the "utopia" the globalists are trying to bring. If England is such a great place to live after the implementation of so many "progressive" ideals, then why are so many people angry, disenfranchised, and depressed? Suicide rates are climbing, violence is more commonplace than it was during the Anglo-Saxon wars. Is this really the utopia the progressive agenda promises to bring the rest of us?

Open expression of personal beliefs is not hatred. I believe homosexuality is a perversion, a crime against nature and against God. I do not hate homosexual people. Some of them are wonderful leaders, many of them have been my friends. I neither condone nor embrace their lifestyle, but that does not stop me from treating them with the same respect, dignity, and humanity that I treat everyone.

Christianity is not the enemy of homosexuality. Christianity is not the enemy of progress. Christianity has been the source of progress for the western world for two thousand years. Christianity can continue to lead the way toward a more humane, dignified, and loving society. The globalist agenda of liberal progressivism based on Marxist ideals of godless rationalism that put the individual at the century of creation is not real. It is a mask covering an elitist program to put control of the world's resources in the hands of a mere 5% of the world's population.

Liberal progressivism is not progress. It is aristocratic fascism disguised as rational humanism. It will bring oppression, massive die-offs, enslavement of the majority of the world's population, and a global legal system that condemns 95% of the world's population to a life of small-scale, peasant farming. Is this really the future you want for your children and grandchildren?

When the Rainbow Coalition and its many Marxist brethren talk of a better future for our children, it is very important to remember that homosexuality cannot produce children. When Islamic extremists speak of a more sane, ordered society, it is important to remember that their women are kept like animals and treated like furniture. When global warming fanatics speak of the danger of carbon dioxide, it important to remember that without carbon dioxide our world would be a desert.

These people do not want progress at all. They want to transform you and your children into peasant farmers that they will be free to exploit for slave labor, sexual favors, and cannon fodder.