January 03, 2010

1948 was yesterday, but will it be tomorrow?

This cartoon was made in 1948. In 1948, and all through the next two decades, America dominated the world economy. It took hard work and cooperation at all levels of society. There was no magic involved. In 1948, fresh out of World War Two, the American public was deeply involved in politics. It dominated their daily discussions around the dinner table and while hanging out downtown. In 1968 the most privileged generation in the entire history of world came of age and the very first thing they did was decide the homeland that had given them their life of privilege was evil, corrupt, and unredeemable. Instead of joining ranks with their fathers and mothers, they rebelled against everything our nation had stood for. They embraced the works of Marx and Engels, they threw themselves into self-indulgent lives filled with sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They demanded to be freed from the responsibilities of adulthood in order to enjoy an endless childhood of egocentric self-aggrandizement without work, without sacrifice, and without social obligations of any kind.

This most privileged generation is now in charge of our country. They are promising us a utopian society if we only sacrifice the one thing they themselves were never willing to give up, our individual liberty.

The time has come to fire every politician high and low. Every single one from the local attorney general to the President himself. It is time to take back America. This is your country. This is my country. This country does not belong to the "global consciousness". The "new age" they are promising is based on oppressive models of absolute dictatorships, multigenerational monarchies, and entrenched aristocracies "devoted to the little people".

In the United States of America there have never been "little people"! This was true in 1776 and it is still true today. The only way it will continue to be true is if you and I remind the political and economic elite that they serve us, we do not serve them. Vote them out of office. Stop buying their products. Take back your life.

The future depends on the choices you make. For your own sake, choose wisely.