January 20, 2010

A great day for us all

CNN Video: Brown wins in Massachusetts

This is not a great victory for the Republican Party, although the press and many people will certainly claim it is. This is a great victory for the people of Massachusetts, and potentially a great victory for all Americans, even those who feel horrified at the thought of a Republican respresenting Massachusetts.

In cultural terms, the Kennedy Dynasty was a continuation of the Roosevelt Dynasty. It drew its strength from the remnants of the Whigs, that aristocratic and elitist segment of American culture which disagreed with the Revolution of 1776 and has longed ever since to give America a king so that their families could become honored internationally in the same manner as minor princes in the ancient noble houses of Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Monacco, and Great Britain.

This is not a victory of Republican vs. Democrat. This is a victory of individualism over elitism, a victory of the common people over those who seek to dictate every facet of their lives.