February 06, 2010

Four generations of increasing slavery

This video is particularly timely because it focuses on two issues: incorporation and freedom of speech. Recently the Supreme Court ruled on a case known as "Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission". In their ruling they overturned portions of a law originally sponsored by Senators John McCain and Russell Feingold that severely curtailed the First Amendment freedoms of corporations, including the NRA. In overturning this law, many members of Congress were infuriated and claimed that "major corporations will now own American elections". The logic of McCain-Feingold was that because of their access to funds for public relations campaigns, major corporations are best positioned to conduct massive advertising campaigns through multiple outlets in an effort to determine the outcome of public elections. In short, McCain-Feingold was designed to prevent politicians from finding themselves in a position of campaigning against the PR department of a major corporation rather than their political opponent.

In reality, the law was specifically designed to block non-governmental organizations like the NRA, WWF, and of course, Citizens United itself. Major corporations like Coca-cola do not rely on advertising to influence political campaigns. Instead, they rely on lobbyists, specially prepared "research reports" and generous "gifts" to exert direct control over a candidate after they win the office they are campaigning to achieve. In other words, the law was specifically designed to shut down the ability of grassroots organizations to rally the public against candidates who used their office to take advantage of the generosity of corporate lobbyists! The law was purposely and directly intended to preserve the culture of corruption that exists at the highest levels of Washington politics.

So much for John McCain being a "maverick".

The other issue is a case being argued before the Supreme Court right this minute, "McDonald vs. City of Chicago". In this case, a man named Otis McDonald is working with the NRA to bring suit against the City of Chicago and overturn their ban on handgun ownership by private citizens. They are arguing the case on the basis of "incorporation", which means that under the Fourteenth Amendment, any Federal law replaces and supersedes any State, County, City or other local law.

There is a great danger in the incorporation argument. As more and more power is consolidated at the Federal level, more and more people will try to use Federal laws and regulations to force a particular cultural morality on the nation as a whole. This is why it is so vitally important that we eliminate organizations and bureaucratic arms of the Federal government such as the ATF, the DEA, the EPA, and the IRS. We need to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment (which authorizes the income tax and creates the IRS) and all other Amendments that contribute to the ability of the Federal government to directly interfere in local finances, local culture, and local social systems. The Fourteenth Amendment was specifically designed to prevent the states from passing laws limiting the social and economic rights of blacks. This is exactly the kind of issue that deserves Federal oversight because it restored unalienable freedoms local regulations attempt to withhold.

The foundation of the Constitution is the concept of "god-given, unalienable rights" held by every free-born citizen. Since we no longer have slaves, that includes every man, woman, and child entitled to an American passport irrespective of their personal religion, economic status, or ethnic background. The problem with bureaucracies like the IRS, the ATF, the DEA, and the EPA, is that they directly and unapologetically trample all over these very same unalienable rights the Constitution is supposed to protect. It is very important to remember that the government does NOT grant these rights. You already have them. Every government ever created in the history of our world sets out to limit, restrict, or remove the rights you possess simply by being human. The great genius of the Constitution of the United States of America is that for the very first time in history it created a national government with the specific role of protecting rights already possessed by its citizens. For the first time in history, all sovereign power rested in the people and the people were charged with maintaining the government rather than the other way around.

Under British Parliamentary law, the government retains all sovereign rights and distributes those rights equally among the people. Under the Japanese Constitution the people grant their sovereign rights to the government and trust it to distribute back those rights which make for a harmonious society. Under the French Constitution the government retains all sovereign rights and administers those rights which contribute to the happiness and welfare of the people. I could go on and on. The United States Constitution is the only national document that acknowledges the sovereign rights of the people and then leaves those rights fully in command of the people themselves.

You are supposed to run the government. It is not supposed to run you.

That is why in the United States criminal cases are always argued on the basis of, "The People vs. So-and-so" or sometimes, "The People and the State-of-something vs. So-and-so", while in all other countries of the world criminal cases are argued on the basis of "The City/State/Nation of Such-and-such vs. So-and-so".

Over the past hundred years our grandparents and great-grandparents have failed in their primary role as citizens of the United States. They have repeatedly passed more and more of their sovereign power over to the Federal government and every time they have done so, they have enslaved you and I a little bit more. We spend the first four to eight months of every year (depending on where you live) working for the government. Your first four to eight months salary goes directly to the government (again, depending on where you live), it does not contribute to your personal welfare and happiness in any way whatsoever. Our grandparents and great grandparents, though their intentions were good, have enslaved us to an overreaching government at every level. We were sold into slavery long before we were ever born in order to pay the wages of people who lacked the willpower and imagination to make their own way in the world and instead chose to have the government take care of them.

This is why I joined the NRA. I love guns, and I am ecstatic to be back in a land where I can own guns, but owning guns is not the real issue. The Second Amendment is unique among all nations. Every time the Second Amendment is limited in any way whatsoever, you are enslaved a little bit. Even "common sense" regulations such as the current background check system that is designed to prevent career criminals from getting access to guns (and fails miserably, I might add) limits your freedom to walk into a gun store, pick a gun off the shelf, pay for it, and walk home with it. This simple, "common sense" gun law that almost everyone supports (including the NRA) requires the Federal government to maintain a database of convicted felons and then maintain open communications with every gun shop in America. Tens of billions of dollars are spent every year on communications fees, access fees, maintenance fees, administration fees, oversight fees, investigation fees, background check fees, and so on. And yet, the career criminals have no problem whatsoever acquiring guns and using those guns to intimidate and oppress innocent city dwellers in major cities all across our nation.

We are enslaved. A part of every penny you make, and another portion of every penny you spend, is used to support a bureaucracy and a system that does nothing to limit the access of criminals to firearms.

This is why the two court cases in the video above are so important. For a full century now, we Americans have failed in our primary responsibility as citizens: controlling our government. It is only in the past decade, and mostly through the efforts of the NRA, that the course has finally begun to turn and hopefully will soon begin to reverse itself. Grassroots movements like the Tea Parties are beautiful to behold. Not only am I an active supporter of the Tea Party movement, I encourage everyone to be active in some kind of local grassroots organization. I don't care whether you are a diehard collectivist who craves government control and enslavement or a diehard anarchist who craves freedom to rape, pillage and plunder at will. Most of us do not exist at either extreme! Most of us are somewhere in between, desiring enough government to protect our person, our family, and our property and nothing more. All of us, from one extreme to the other and everywhere in between, need to be intimately and actively involved in the creation and maintenance of our nation.

The only way to avoid both anarchy and enslavement is for each and every individual to remain active in negotiating the continual creation, re-creation, and advancement of our society. Overturning the Washington D.C. gun ban was the first step. Overturning McCain-Feingold was the second. Overturning the City of Chicago gun ban will be the next step. Expanding CCW-licensing programs into the last two hold-out states will be another important step. Preventing the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty from being signed until provisions can be added that protect the rights of individuals throughout the world to keep and bear firearms in defense of person, family, and property, is another important step. Destroying Chinese government firewalls and eliminating the more limited censorship efforts of other nations is also an equally important step that needs to be taken.

I have no quarrel with a global government if, and only if, that government enshrines the principles set in place by the founders of the United States of America during the Constitutional Convention of 1789. Freedom and equality must be protected for everyone by placing all sovereign power in the hands of the people themselves where it rightfully belongs!

We don't need greater centralization. We don't need more powerful governments. We don't need to prevent people from destroying our world. There is only one thing we need: we need to enslave governments everywhere to the people themselves by disbanding them completely when necessary, and chaining back their powers wherever possible.

The people of the world are not the enemy. Overreaching governments based on the assumption that you and I cannot be trusted to manage our daily affairs are the real enemy.

Government is never the solution. Government is always the problem.