February 18, 2010

Yes, I agree. No, I do not condone.

CNN: Plane Crash in Texas
Andrew Joseph Stack III's manifesto

Mike over at Sipsey Street Irregulars has this to say:
But having said that, I will tell you this -- as long as the Leviathan federal government continues to act in an oppressive and unconstitutional fashion, airplanes will be flown into federal buildings, government agents will be shot in the street and tyranny-addled, desperate people will do desperate things. Were I a federal employee, I would take such incidents to be an increasing sign of the times and pay heed to the warning. I would get out before somebody flew a plane into my office.

If you work for the Federal government in any capacity whatsoever I have one word of advice: quit now.

This event is not the same as the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing by Timothy McVeigh in 1995. This is something far more dangerous. This is a relatively normal businessman driven to violence by an arrogant, elitist government which has destroyed the qualities that once made the United States of America a bright haven of freedom for oppressed people everywhere. The great bastion of freedom, liberty, and opportunity that we once were has died. Narcissism, elitism, a century of corruption by Marxist sympathizers, and five generations of guilt-ridden spoiled brats has transformed us into a perverse blend of Maoist utopian thinking and Nietzchean self-aggrandizement. The only people who can succeed in today's America are the perverse sycophants of an educational system so riddled by Hegelianism that it would function just as easily Stalin's Russia as it does in modern day America.

If you work for the Federal government get out and get out now. There will be many more attacks like this one in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. No, I neither condone nor support this violence. I am struggling with every breath I can muster to work within the system and restore the Republic to greatness. However, I am also a student of history. No civilization in history has ever recovered once homosexuality became socially acceptable and "evil" became situationally defined in ways that never apply to the elite. Not a single one.

You there, smoking on that medical marijuana soaked in the blood of Mexican factory workers, Mexican housewives, and Mexican police officers, you are contributing to this decline. And you, over there, with your rainbow posters and your insistence that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality and transgender surgery is a "cure", you are also contributing. Oh yes, you in the "green" crowd with your strident defense of fish and owls, so strident it blocks water from working farmers and forests from sustainable logging operations, you are contributing as well.

None of these issues have ever been serious enough to warrant shredding the inalienable rights of a free people. Not a single issue here is important beyond the daily trials and egocentric concerns of a small percentage of people, people who could just as easily have recognized that they were already free to live any way they like.

Congratulations you vocal, selfish minority. Once again you have abused the freedoms and privileges granted by a civilized society and brought about its downfall.

Sadly, I see in this tragedy the beginning of the end. The Revolution began when a military governor tried to confiscate lawfully held weapons. The Civil War began when Abraham Lincoln allowed his Secretary of State to convince him not to transfer Fort Sumter back to the State of South Carolina after it withdrew from the Republic. And now the final death convulsions of the greatest nation the world has ever known have begun with the passage of a law designed to give the I.R.S. unconstitutional control over freelance contract workers.

The arrogance of America's political elite knows no bounds. Because of their elitist assumptions of entitlement and prerogative, prerogatives specifically denied them in our nation's founding documents, our political elites have alienated the common citizens of this great nation. Now the citizen's anger is blazing forth and God alone knows how far it will spread.

Far too many people demanded the Federal government step in and resolve their petty life issues. Even so, this loud, voracious minority could have been ignored, and by law, should have been ignored. Instead, ambitious narcissists saw in these irrational cries the foundation for a stronger government and through that stronger government, a level of personal self-aggrandizement unheard of in the past. Five generations of American political elites have copied the insane assumptions of King George III. Before this generation has passed all of us will reap the reward of their arrogance.

No. I do not condone the actions of Mr. Stack. Unfortunately, there will be many who disagree with me.