March 28, 2010

I had hoped it would not come to this

First, two links. Please read them fully, including all the comments. If you are not willing to do so, then nothing I have to say will make any sense to you anyway so you might as well skip this post and turn on American Idol.

Sipsey Street Irregulars: Sergeant C, USMC: Oathbreaker

Sipsey Street Irregulars: The latest from "Sergeant C, USMC, Oath Breaker": The accused, having had his ass handed to him, would like amend his screed.

The biggest problem with the Obama administration and the current Congress is that they have buried their heads in the sand. Battle lines are being drawn all around them and they either cannot see it or they refuse to see it. Even Glenn Beck on his March 26, 2010 episode misunderstood the nature of the current environment. This is not the late sixties. We are not dealing with a handful of radical leftist students marching in unarmed columns across their university parade grounds or in the streets outside a political convention. Real Americans who have spent their lives in the outdoors, who handle a .30-06 as easily as they handle a pencil, are ready to take up arms to destroy the duly-elected government of our nation. Why? Because that government has failed in its primary role: representing the will of the people.

Now I don't know who wanted this stupid healthcare reform passed. Apparently the biggest players are unions, people who already have some of the finest health insurance this nation offers. It is both ironic and tragic that the majority of the reviled "cadillac plans" are held by union members, people who under the current bill are exempt from paying the tax being assessed on those plans. I do know that in every Rasmussen poll concerning healthcare published over the past eighteen months, the majority of Americans opposed passage of this bill.

The last time the Federal government went against the will of the people over half a million Americans died from combat, disease, and starvation.

This is what both sides of the angry mob are overlooking. If this comes to violence, it will not be another 1776, nor will it be like any of America's foreign wars, and it most certainly will have nothing in common with Afghanistan and Iraq. It will be 1860 on steroids. When the dust final settles, China will come in and take possession of the ruins.

Tell me, Mr. President, Ms. Speaker of the House, Mr. Majority Leader in the Senate, do you want to see this nation self-destruct beneath the flames of civil war? Because that is where you are taking us. The people who are angry are not a bunch of stoned hippies bored with school and looking for excitement. The Tea Parties, the Oathkeepers, the III Percenters, the IInd Amendment Provocateurs, are not the same as you were back in the sixties. You marginalize and ridicule these people to your own peril. They do not share your sophomoric sense of humor, nor do they appreciate it in the least when you call them "tea baggers".

When I began writing about these issues back in September 2008 the American people were asleep. They were too busy phoning in votes for their favorite Survivor or Idol to bother with politics. This is no longer true. They are wide awake and they are furious. Now we have arrived at a point where it is the administration that is either oblivious to the rising call to arms being sounded in our streets or woefully deluded as to the seriousness of the issue at hand. Or, worse yet, perhaps they honestly believe that the people support their Marxist agenda. In which case, they are hopelessly deluded.

Mr. President, when you sign that bill into law you will be signing your own death warrant. No, this is not a threat. This is a somber warning. I will not be the one who pulls the trigger, I will not even be in the loop of the conspiracy that arranges it, but it will come about. Your Vice President, Joseph Biden, will no doubt respond by attempting to counter "the rising trend toward domestic terrorism". It does not matter how he responds, his incompetence assures that his response will be the trigger that plunges this nation into civil war.

This is the most dangerous moment in the entire history of our nation. I can only see one path ahead of us and it appears there is no way to avoid it. The bill will pass, the President will sign it, sometime after that he will fall to an assassin's bullet, and then finally Biden will overreact and plunge us into civil war. Or, perhaps the assassin will not find his mark. Perhaps the trigger will come the first time the IRS tries to use their fancy new shotguns to collect the "penalty" from millions of Americans who refuse to pay. Either way, the result will be the same.

The one slim hope I have is that November will see the Progressives voted out and the first act of the new Congress will be to repeal the healthcare reform legislation, or at least repeal the most offensive parts of it. That could very well delay or even remove entirely the possibility that all this street-level anger will boil over into violence.

Let me say here and now. If civil war comes, I will not be defending the status quo. I will throw my meager weight in with the Constitutionalists. The problem, Mr. President, is that there are far more defenders of my faith than there are of yours. Even though I know that a civil war will accomplish nothing more than providing China the opportunity to come in and pick up the pieces, if it comes, I will not sit on the sidelines and wait for them.

This is not the Turner Diaries. "Race" has nothing to do with it. The defenders of the Constitution are from all walks of life, from all races and ethnic groups across this great land. They will not sit back and allow the current government to transform their Constitutional Republic into a cheap copy of China, even though that is probably where we will wind up after the dust settles.

I don't understand why this agenda is being pushed so stridently when the only possible result is civil war and the only possible people who will profit from it are the Chinese.