March 20, 2010

Social evolution or moral devolution?

Barring a miracle, tomorrow the 111th Congress of the United States of America will ignore the clearly stated desires of the American people and vote to approve a bill that only 23% of the American people "Strongly Favor". Twice that number "Strongly Oppose" the bill. The last time the American people were subjected to this kind of tyranny King George signed into law a Parlimentary initiative that taxed them for imports of tea and salt while creating high tariffs on tabacco. A few months later General Gage arrived in Boston and demanded the local citizens turn over their firearms to the armory for "safekeeping".

This is a critical moment in American history, a moment that could very easily become the precursor for civil insurrection and the collapse of the United States of America as a unified nation. Thirty-eight states will immediately put forth legal challenges to the Constitutionality of this bill. Many of those challenges will be filed before Pres. Obama even signs it into law.

Are the politicians in Washington D.C. blind to history? Do they not realize that forcing this bill on the American people could wind up costing them their very lives? It will most certainly cost them their careers, but if the legal challenges fail and the next Congress cannot muster the support to repeal the law, then 53% of the American people, over half, will have no other choice. Armed revolt will be the only option left open to them. Is this what the corrupt Republican and Democratic Party machines want to achieve? Is this their goal? Do they really believe that this nation, a nation which fought the bloodiest war of its history over civil rights of an enslaved people, will joyfully embrace this new form of slavery? Are they really that naive?

When I was five years old one of the kids in my kindergarten class decided that since my Dad was a local cop, it was his responsibility to beat me in revenge for his father's imprisonment. Every day he would hit me, kick me, push me into walls and doors, until one day he shoved me into a window, breaking the glass and leaving a cut on my arm. The school expelled him for three days and reported the incident to my father.

Naturally my father confronted me about it. I told him what had been happening. He did not say, "I'll take care of it." Nor did he say, "don't worry about it, the kid is just emotionally disturbed." Nor did he say, "next time he bothers you just report it to the teacher."

My father said to me, "Don't fight unless you have to. If you have to fight, don't lose!"

The kid came back to school the following week. After school, he backed me up against a brick wall and informed me that he would beat me senseless in repayment for his suspension. He swung, I ducked, then I kicked him in the groin with everything I could muster. When he fell, I kicked him in the face and kept kicking him until he begged me to stop.

My family was at Jamestown, both Jamestowns. My family fought on Revolutionary battlefields, some of us died there. We fought with the Union during the Civil War and fought so well that some of us received battlefield commissions. Some of us walked the Trail of Tears. Some of us escorted the Cherokee people. At least one of my ancestors was born of a slave woman, another kept slaves. We built cattle ranches, we founded companies, we lost fortunes in the 1929 market collapse, and lost another fortune on Black Monday in 1987. The history of America is the history of my family. In a very real sense, without my family this country would not be what it is today.

If the President, Speaker Pelosi, and their allies, follow up this insanity with a modern version of General Gage's arrival in Boston, I can promise you this, it will not end well for any of us.

The drive toward socialism began with real determination in 1968 and has continued non-stop right up until today. Granted, the first stirrings came as early as 1880 or so, but the real hardcore drive to transform us into a Marxist utopia began when a generation of spoiled brats refused to fulfill their sacred duty and defend the interests of their nation in Vietnam.

Yes, Nancy Pelosi, I am speaking directly to you. You were raised a spoiled brat and have not improved your sense of responsibility in the past forty years. You have not matured one iota. You are still a thirteen year-old trapped in an aging body who believes unicorns are real and rainbows are the promise of a better tomorrow. You are a child, a spoiled child, whose naivety is destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known, bar none!

Those inner city blacks and illegal Mexican immigrants you are trying to "save" will not serve you. They disdain you. They are laughing at your foolishness. When the real crisis comes, they will not stand up and defend you. They will abandon you like the cowards they are, unable and unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives and equally unwilling to live in accordance with the laws of the land. You are right to fear their wrath, but you have made a fatal mistake: instead of trying to appease them, you should have been seeking the support of people like me, people who have been here from the beginning, people who have shed blood and sacrificed lives in order to build and preserve this nation.

And Pres. Obama, those Middle Eastern criminals hiding behind the Qu'ran that you are so eager to bring into the fold of civilization? They are not your friends. Given an opportunity, they will cut you down without a moment's hesitation. You had best avoid the Middle East. You have abandoned the people who would have protected you.

I fear for America. The coming year will be bloody and violent. I have done everything in my power to rally legal opposition to the final push into Marxism. And I am not alone. Tens of millions of people have spoken out over the past eighteen months in warning, in anger, and in defiance. The administration has swept them aside and now the entire nation will suffer for it.

You could have done great things, Mr. Obama. You had the support of nearly the entire nation and you squandered it on a philosophy that no one outside your immediate circle of friends and associates ascribed to. Instead of strengthening the freedom that made America great, instead of reversing the foundation for tyranny laid by the Bush-Cheney team, you have taken us further down the road to serfdom. You have underestimated the virtue and determination of the American people.

A civil war is coming. The arrogance of Pres. Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid, when piled on top the fascist leanings of Pres. Bush and Vice Pres. Cheney, have made it inevitable.

The storm clouds are gathering. Where and when it will break is the only question that remains. I have no idea what the nation will look like once the storm has passed, but it will never be the same.