April 28, 2010

In desperation, Mayor Daley goes global

Chicago Sun-Times: Mayor Daley Seeks to Send Gun Industry Lawsuit to World Court

There are so many factual errors in this article that it cannot be seen as anything other than pure propoganda. I do not know whether the propogandist is Mayor Daley, the Chicago Sun-Times editorial staff, or someone with friends in all the right places.

Fact: 85% of the guns used by Mexican cartels are stolen from government storage in Central and South America.

Fact: Suggesting that the World Court has the authority to meddle in the internal affairs of any country, let alone ours, is a clear violation of the Charter of the World Court. That an American mayor would suggest the World Court is a greater authority than the United States Supreme Court is pure treason.

Fact: The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. It has no relationship whatsoever to an imaginary and delusion "right not to be shot".

Fact: Less than .0001% of the firearms manufactured in the United States and sold to private citizens through legal dealerships is ever used in any kind of violent action, be it crime or combat.

Fact: The National Rifle Association represents the interests of 80 million American firearms owners, collectors, and hobbyists. One in four Americans is far too large a percentage to be considered a "special interest" group.

For the facts, spend some time at the FBI UCR website, the WISQARS online database, and yes, even the NRA website.

Ignore the hype. Get the facts.