April 11, 2010

Something odd this way comes

Call me paranoid, but after a year and a half of being totally ignored, my YouTube channel has gotten a couple hundred views in just the past two weeks and half a dozen atheists have left comments attacking my faith videos.

Why the sudden upsurge in activity? A new generation of atheists? Did Dawson release a new book? Is this a planned attack campaign with someone organizing it and guiding it in the background or just a random cultural swing? Most of the channels that have suddenly visited and left attack comments are less than six months old and have only one or two uploads. Around a dozen of them are less than a month old and have no videos at all.

Also, I notice that several other Christian video makers like myself, with low view counts and low participation despite two or three years of existence, are also suddenly receiving the same kind of negative attention.

I don't like conspiracy theories, but this honestly feels like a planned and well-executed campaign of some kind. Is something stirring or is it just a grand coincidence?