May 30, 2010

So you say you want a revolution?

Hecate's Crossroad: Never Forget

Note the Pentagram on the headstone.

The wars we fight are never crusades. True, bad things happen. Those few, isolated incidents are the result of individual decisions made by disturbed people who wind up with a uniform and a loaded firearm.

There has never been a more ethical fighting unit than the American military. The self-sacrifice endured by our fighting men and women in their extreme efforts to avoid innocent casualties are heroic on a scale never before seen in human history. They fight this way because they believe in ending conflicts with the least amount of damage to human life and habitation possible so that good, honest, hardworking people of all cultures will have the opportunity to feed their families and raise their children.

America fights to defend the entire world. I do not like this, but I understand it, believe in it, and will support it until my dying day.

We didn't volunteer to be the world's police force, but finding ourselves in this role, we will continue to perform it with honor and honesty until the world shifts it away from us. Before you jump on the bandwagon for a global government backed by UN forces, consider carefully their record versus the American record. Your children's future depends on it.