May 17, 2010

This is why I do not trust the press!

Freedom of the press is one thing, and it is one thing I will defend to my dying day, but I have not trusted the press to report honestly on anything since I was in junior high school and they completely misrepresented something tragic and traumatic that happened at my school. The press is free to spread lies, hypocrisy, and blatant falsehoods because if they were not, then those few honest articles that slip through the cracks would never be published.

Today I have yet another example of blatant and obvious bias with a clear anti-gun, anti-freedom agenda.

This past weekend, May 14th & 15th, the NRA held their annual convention. This time in South Carolina. I wanted to be there, but could not because this weekend I was taking a CCW certification seminar. So when one of the blogs I regularly visit did a brief write-up, I was thrilled to read it:

The Breda Fallacy: Neat!

Please read it for yourself. Notice how easily the attendees interacted with the protestors. Note the friendly reparte. No one objected. Respect and even admiration flowed from the attendees to the protestors. The attendees did not agree, but that did not prevent them from respecting the protestors and interacting with them in a friendly manner.

Now look how the press "reported" the very same event, including the very same interaction:

Politics Daily: NRA Protest Small but Passionate

Say what? Where is the friendly reparte? Where is the mutual respect? Why do the protestors suddenly appear as self-righteous zealots intent on defeating the evil gun-club? How can this writer so brutually distort this encounter and still sleep at night? Does she feel no shame or guilt at her blatant and obvious falsehoods? This goes way beyond a "reinterpretation". This is not just a different viewpoint. This is a clear and blatant work of pure propoganda! And from a privately owned press!

The protestors had every right to protest. The attendees had every right to celebrate their love of firearms. And yes, Mary Curtis has every right to tell lies about the event and the interactions between the two groups. That does not mean she is entitled to be believed.

Propoganda is still propoganda. It is not truth.