June 13, 2010

Biblical Apologetics (a short list of resources)

Over the past month and a half there has been a renewed interest in the videos on my YouTube channel, especially those videos I have posted in defense of Christianity. As the influence of Pres. Obama and his radical left allies declines, the followers of this movement are certain to go back to waging a grassroots campaign of intimidation, personal attacks, ridicule, and humiliation on anyone, anywhere, who dares to believe. Now, as always, it is important to be ready and able to offer a logical defense of our beliefs, even if you personally are more motivated by emotion than ration. Our enemies never rest. They cannot. The puppetmaster behind them is the most harsh, unforgiving, unrelenting antagonist of the truth that has ever been created.

Here are the tools I use to defend my faith. Some of these tools you might find useful, some of them you might not fully understand the significance of, and still others you might simply find meaningless to you personally. I offer them here to my fellow believers as options, and to disbelievers as the foundation of why I believe that God himself appeared among men in the person of a carpenter named Yeshua, died unjustly on a Roman cross of crucifixtion, and rose again on the third day to the shock and amazement of his followers.

I don't demand anyone accept this evidence without question. I do ask they give it the same serious consideration they would give any evidence to the contrary. My personal faith is not derived from emotions and hyperbole. I believe because the facts clearly demonstrate that about two thousand years ago something happened on a warm spring morning in Palestine that completely changed our world and the only record we have of that event is the testimony of the disciples of Christ.

Below is a list of links with information on the reliability of the Bible and the historicity of Christ.

An essay on doubt and an online book.

Wikipedia list of pre-500 A.D. New Testament Papyri

A list of comparable ancient manuscripts

Mike Licona's Apologetics Website

Online Library of Ancient Greek manuscripts (Biblical and non-Biblical)

History of Euclid's "Elements" (oldest surviving copy 888 A.D.)

Jodi Magness, "Has the tomb of Jesus been discovered?", an interesting though hotly contested archeaological exploration of an ancient Jewish tomb

Randall Niles Videos:
Evidence for Jesus
Randall Niles' Personal Testimony

2,000 year-old heel bone with nail, doubly interesting because prior to this discovery the vast majority of Roman historians argued that there was no evidence of nails being used in crucifixion

Location of Jerusalem's pre-70 A.D. outer wall confirmed

Clay Bulla (seal impression) of a Biblical person found

Earliest know Christian worship site

Chris White discusses the Council of Nicea and the Gnostic Gospels

An essay by Josh McDowell, a former atheist who went searching for evidence to disprove Christianity and wound up a believer

And if you still need more, feel free to Google any of the historians and scholars mentioned above.