June 27, 2010

The collectivist next door

Wells Fargo Bank Targeted
ICE Office in Shopping Mall Targeted
ICE Facility Targeted
FBI/DHS "Harass" Indymedia

These four articles are typical of the deceptive practices and delusional thinking of many individuals who support collectivist goals. These are the foot soldiers of insurrection. Notice how they clamor about society having too many rules, but only because they seek a society with no rules at all. A few days ago I wrote about efforts being taken by the current administration to kill the First Amendment without the hassle and political risk of repealing it. Freedom of speech is a good thing, and even an insurrectionist like "spamsuck(s)" in the articles and posts linked above does indeed have the right to express support for this criminal action. The people who gathered up stones and threw them through the windows of Wells Fargo Bank and the ICE offices also have the right to their opinion and their chosen mode of expression. However, every action has a consequence. In this case, the consequence is an FBI/DNS investigation that might someday result in the removal of Indymedia from the internet and that would not be a good thing.

Unless someone on the staff of Indymedia is directly complicit in these actions, there is no real justification for shutting them down. The only people who should be sent to prison over this action are the people (or the person) who threw the rocks. Those responsible must be called into account for their actions. To hide behind the veil of "freedom of speech" while destroying private property is cowardly and despicable. There are countless other ways to demonstrate dissent. Petition drives, boycotts, and protest marches are simple, cheap, and effective. Most important of all, they are legal and well within reach of anyone who disagrees with the policies of any institution regardless of whether that institution is private, public, or non-governmental. Throwing rocks through the offices of a private bank and a government office is both ineffective and illegal. I did not support this kind of action when Sispsey Street Irregulars called for it back in March, and I most certainly do not support such actions when undertaken by some random collectivist too cowardly to leave his name on a public server.

Anarchy is both a collectivist goal and a collectivist tactic. When there is no government and no rule of law then the strong are free to completely oppress the weak. Relationships develop based upon total dependency and those relationships can more easily be perverted into a tyranny of petty warlords. Look at the mess that Mogadishu became during the Somali civil war. Petty tyrants used black market weapons bought with money earned through drug sales or diamond smuggling to oppress and destroy one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Africa. The collapse of the Somali government and the inability of any one warlord to regain control of the city led to complete and total anarchy. This is not freedom. This is not liberty. This is a collectivist paradise because now instead of one tyrant there can be many, each with their own little band of dependent zombies blindly obedient to their vampiric master. In anarchy no one can reach their full potential. Neither the warlord nor the foot soldier has any opportunity to choose who they will serve or how they will develop because the survival of both is bound up in their total dependency on one another.

Anarchy is not individualism, nor is it freedom. Anarchy is slavery to the collective will of your individual warband and nothing more.