June 17, 2010

The guns of November

No sane person wants to see the United States of America dissolve into armed rebellion. On the other hand, ever since Barry Goldwater lost to Lyndon B. Johnson, a growing segment of the American public dedicated to traditional ideals, small government, and personal freedom has been steadily and consistently ignored by elitist politicians backed by Marxist scholarship and corrupt special interests. True, a handful of these freedom-loving Americans are little better than criminals, but the vast majority are honest, hard-working Americans. These are ordinary, everyday people who would like to run a business of their own but the current regulatory and taxation climate is so insanely complex that no single person could ever hope to navigate the labyrinthine legal minefield controlling who can run a business, how that business can operate, and who collects taxes on that business. Government is killing small business through over-regulation and over-taxation and then failing to comprehend why the American economy keeps falling into recessions and depressions. Or at least they pretend not to understand.

Either every politician we've had for the past four decades has been woefully incompetent and completely delusional or they have spent their careers catering to some power-hungry clique of Americans that have managed to worm their way into key advisory positions. It honestly looks like a conspiracy, but it is probably not one. It is probably just a matter of too many narcissists in positions of influence and authority. There have been too many people who crave total control. When these people enjoy complete access to elected officials the policies our government adopts become completely tyrannical, granting those same advisors complete control over the most minute details of daily life. There are too many academics, lawyers, bureaucrats, elected officials, and appointed officials with the position and authority to tell the rest of us what to eat, how to dress, and where to live. It's gotten to be insane!

I just built a house here in Ohio. Federal, State, and County building codes added tens of thousands of dollars to the cost of construction. Money that I could have used to add a second building dedicated to a small produce stand, a small winery, or maybe a small publishing company. Now, instead of starting a company and looking for a market, I have to finish paying off features and enhancements that I neither desired nor need. It will be at least two years before I can start a business, and by that time the regulatory climate will be so severe that in reality I would be better off signing up for welfare and living off food stamps. There is greater reward for not working at all then there is for starting a business and building a legacy!

Every government is parasitic. There has never been a government that created and produced more revenue than it required, and there never will be. The business of governing is by its very nature a drain on society, and yet, we cannot sustain a functional society without some kind of government. Since we need this parasite to exist, the first priority must be insuring that our relationship to government is symbiotic and not parasitic. Right now, there are $109 trillion in unfunded liabilities and the number is growing every single day. $94 trillion dollars of that figure is directly related to Medicare and Medicare prescription plans. These funds are feeding layer upon layer of parasitic government agencies. Very little of this unfunded liability will ever go to paying the actual medical expenses of the participants. Most of it will be wasted on government employees who produce nothing and add nothing to the economy. Millions of tax-funded jobs that do nothing all day long but write reports explaining how they are spending money that does not even exist yet.

And now that healthcare "reform" has passed it paves the way for yet another leviathan bureaucracy to oversee the healthcare industry, write standards determining who is entitled to what treatment, and regulate how medical professionals do their jobs. More regulations, more interference, more oversight, and none of it is necessary! The real problem is far more simple: liability claims. There are too many lawyers chasing ambulances looking for mistakes that they can transform into million dollar lawsuits for damages that more often than not, their clients themselves are responsible for.

If I spend my life smoking and die of lung cancer, for example, why should the tobacco company pay my surviving spouse hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation? If I put a cup of coffee from a local McDonald's between my legs while I'm driving and crush the cup trying to jab down on the accelerator or brake, why should McDonald's pay me a million dollars? If I get shot trying to rob a convenience store in order to pay for my drug habit and die on the operating table because I am the fifteenth gunshot victim the emergency room surgeon has been forced to work on as a result of my drug supplier's gang war, why is my mother entitled to a million dollar liability pay out?

The one thing this country needs is tort reform. We don't need more taxes or more entitlement programs. We need to remove redundant agencies and streamline any essential ones. Also important is to take away the ability of departments like the IRS to bypass the normal court systems as well as the ability of departments like the EPA to create arbitrary regulations without going through Congress. We need a smaller, less involved government that is focused on international relations and cheap to operate. We need to break the ability of lawyers and judges to award huge pay outs for problems people create themselves.

In short, we need to return to a limited Constitutional government that people dread working for. A federal government job should be the most underpaid, lowest benefit position a person can get. Why? Because we can no longer afford anything else!

And that is why television commercials like the one below will be the hallmark of this campaign. We are fighting a Second American Revolution in the polls. If traditional, Constitutional values lose out yet again...

Well, let's hope and pray they win. No sane person wants the alternative.