June 19, 2010

Karl Denniger runs the numbers

Karl Denniger: Social Security, Here's the Problem

Karl has the facts, draws the analysis, and states the case far better than I could ever dream of doing. Go read his article, watch the video, and examine the charts. Reality is hard to face, but if we do not face it soon, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down around our ears.

I'm sorry, liberal America, but there is no more money and there will be no more money for at least another generation. The reason there is no more money is because it has all been spent supporting your agenda! Every last penny of it has gone into programs you hold near and dear. For over a century we have tried your ideas and they do not work. The only thing we have accomplished is a massive, violent drug trade, a nation overflowing in fatherless households, and a debt bill my children's children will not be able to repay.

The great socialist experiment has failed. It is past time to abandon the effort and return to a free market economy with little to no government regulation and a minimal tax burden.

Unless your real goal is a bloodbath.