June 19, 2010

Pres. Obama closes Arizona border to Americans

This is what I get for not watching television for the past week. Apparently I missed this report on Fox News. Watch it and weep.

Did you follow that? Pres. Obama has issued a travel advisory for three counties in Arizona. Instead of authorizing the Arizona National Guard to fulfill what is supposed to be their primary responsibility, defending the people of Arizona, he has told Americans to stay out of these three, rural counties. Some people are equating this to giving that territory to Mexico, and while that is not accurate, neither is it as hyperbolic as it seems at first glance. Effectively, that is exactly what he has done.

Arizona militias take notice. If you can move into this power vacuum, drive out the drug dealers, and secure the lives and property of legal Arizona residents, you will prove your prowess as military units and win the support of constitutionalists in all fifty states. This is exactly the kind of situation a local, constitutional citizen militia is designed to counter.

Put up or shut up. If you are not dedicated to defending your community regardless of the personal sacrifice it entails, then you are not a militia.