June 21, 2010

That's it? A handful of Neo-Nazis?

I am sorely tempted to file paperwork for an NGO, gather some financial backing, recruit some full-time fighters, run them through an intensive training program, and head down to the border with Mexico. This is insane. Is it true? Is the greatly feared "Rage on the Right" nothing more than a bunch of weekend roleplayers? Is the growing militia movement that has terrorized the left nothing more than a handful of Neo-Nazis patroling one of the most peaceful sectors of the Arizona border?

Tucson Sentinel: Militia group plans Pinal patrol
East Valley Tribune: No incident reported during militia patrol
KOLD News 13: Heavily armed militia group to patrol smuggling corridor
ABC 15: Citizen group takes border battle into own hands
Arizona Daily Star: Border watch in Pinal worries officials

And that is all I can find. One, lone, solitary citizen militia commanded by a man with a criminal record who up until now has publically supported the National Socialist Movement of America. A modern Nazi.

I'm worried. I really am. For eighteen months I have watched some fine speeches, read some very strongly worded blogs, and followed the growing anger in the core block of American culture, the 60% who vote independent, read their Bibles everyday, work hard to make their living, and conduct their lives with honesty and integrity. The people I have admired most throughout my entire life.

But here we are. The President of the United States has announced to the world that a wide path through the Arizona border is open to every drug runner, terrorist, and petty criminal in the world. How have the Arizona citizen militias responded? Dead silence. Hecate of Hecate's Crossroad has a video from a Texas Sheriff desperate for help, a man who has advised his constinuents to arm themselves and be prepared to fight for their lives. Beyond that, the internet is silent, the media reports nothing, and a band of Neo-Nazis patrols the least dangerous region of the gap in the Arizona border with Mexico.

Oh, wait, there is one minor footnote, and yes, I do believe it is a totally meaningless bit of political grandstanding.

The federal government has surrendered their responsibility. Citizens of Arizona, your lives, liberty, and property are in your own hands. Please, for the your own sake and the sake of your children, step up to plate and give it your best swing. You might only hit a single, but I guarantee you will not strike out.