July 24, 2010

Patience, faith, and wisdom

I've been thinking about making a post like this one for quite awhile now. No links, no references, no attempt at logic or scholarly justification, just pure unadulterated opinion straight from my forebrain into yours. It ain't pretty, but it's pure me.

I grew up in a couple dozen towns and cities scattered between two states, California and Oklahoma. During my childhood I lived in places as small and insignificant as Jones, Oklahoma, as cosmopolitan as Los Angeles, California, and just about everything in between. I went to an elementary school in Los Angeles where kids offered to sell me everything from marijuana to black tar heroin, spent a year at a middle school in Oklahoma where the only drug was hand-cured tobacco, and ended my early education at a combined junior/senior high school in Calistoga where the entire school had fewer students than a single year block at the elementary school in L.A. I've been in fist fights with kids in big cities and small towns, had friends from every shade of humanity imaginable, spent three years living in Hawaii, and finally earned a B.A. from a university in Japan where I spent twenty-five years raising a family. I have seen Paris nights, morning in Venice, the bustle of Milan in the afternoon, sunset on tropic beaches in three countries, sunrise on mountaintops in four. I've eaten rice and kimchee provided by a Korean farmwife in the middle of a snowstorm, French and Italian gourmet dinners from the pristine kitchens of world-famous chefs, and greasy fast foods from more cultures than I could possibly name.

I don't have a string of letters and awards after my name, but I know people, real people, from every walk of life. Some of them I love more dearly than life itself and some of them I hate with a passion that would make a terrorist blush while most of them I get along with just fine even when we discuss lightning rod issues like politics, religion, and romance. I haven't shaken hands with a king or danced with a princess, but I've had coffee with global securities traders, drank beer with world renowned scholars, and argued politics with a prince. I've bought drinks for strippers, shared afternoon tea with nobles, compared knuckle scars with mechanics, and startled more than one certified sommolier by turning down a bottle of wine they themselves hadn't initially recognized as having gone bad.

I know good food, good drink, and good art. I have an eye for color and an ear for music. None of those things matter to me. I've lived the good life and hobnobbed with the rich and famous. My preference is still a run-down honky tonk alongside a two-lane highway where the waitress is a high school drop out with a couple kids, the entertainment is a lone guitarist who dreams of Nashville but will never make it, and the bartender inherited the place after the childless owner died from too many cigarettes, too much whisky, and a lifetime of sleepless nights.

I became a Christian when I was sixteen. God and the Bible are still the cornerstones of my life and I filter everything through a theology born in Martin Luther and revised through ten generations of Baptist preachers. I carry a gun everywhere my permit allows and love American tradition with a passion no liberal progressive will ever understand. God, Luther, Locke, Jefferson, Lincoln, and a dozen cowboy philosophers form the backbone of my personal beliefs. I've read Marx, Engels, Heidegger, and Nietzsche, as well as Dawkins, Hitchens, Jung, and Freud. I've read and written about "On the Origin of Species", "Beyond Freedom and Dignity", and "The Wealth of Nations". I nearly flunked a high school history class and a university sociology class by arguing against factual errors being taught by men who should have known better. In both cases I finally grit my teeth and regurgitated the answers they expected, finishing both classes with a B+ after failing or nearly failing the mid-terms.

In my personal life, on my personal time, and at my own personal expense, I have cared for prostitutes injured by violent men, fed homeless wanderers, faced down pimps, gathered evidence that sent drug dealers to prison, and campaigned to prevent the closings of both daycare centers and strip clubs. I have walked the devil's playground, repaired shattered lives, helped start new churches and finish corrupt merchants.

I have spent my life encouraging honest people and fighting for their right to live however they choose, even when I disagreed with some of their lifestyle choices. My purpose in writing this post is not to trumpet my successes, mourn my failures, or demand acknowledgement and acclaim. I really do not care about such things. Nor am I seeking to validate extreme positions I sometimes take in politics, philosophy, religion, and other discussions. I lost the need to justify my own existence in a Denver alley one night when I stopped a rapist from hurting a friend who had walked into my life a few days before and walked out again a few days later. I often wonder how the rest of her life unfolded and whether she remembers that night as vividly as I do.

So if I am seeking neither justification, acknowledgement, nor acclaim, why am I writing this whimsical, wandering, self-congratulatory bit of narcissism? To be honest, I don't really know.

I do know that tomorrow I am getting on a plane and flying to New York. Six days later I will get on another plane and fly back to Ohio. At the end of August I will be taking a bus to Washington D.C. to attend a rally the New Black Panther Party is promising to interrupt, perhaps violently. In September I am flying back and forth to Boston, and a week later flying to Japan, only to fly back to Ohio at the end of October. I am going to be doing a lot of traveling over the next few months, most of it on airlines that will be facing both rising costs and greater difficulty securing financing. It is quite scary, a perfect storm of negative conditions that is no doubt going to result in many airline crashes over the next six months. I am wondering if I will be on one of them. If I am, if tomorrow (or any of the half-dozen flights I will be on before year-end) is my last day in this life, I would not want to exit this world without leaving some final footnote on a life well-lived.

It has been a hard, difficult life and I have spent it fighting both physically and spiritually to make my corner of the world a better place. I have not been perfect and like anyone else I have caused much pain, sometimes even in those whom I love dearest. I grieve for each and every person I have hurt, no matter how small the damage. Each mistake has been a lesson and I have tried very hard to learn them. Repentance has been a constant theme for the past thirty-three years. When the balances are totalled and my life is weighed, I know my sins will be washed clean by the blood of Christ, but I also know I will carry the memory of both my victories and my failures into eternity. There is a reason this life has been so hard, these lessons so deeply ingrained. I don't know what that reason is but I am certain that when the time comes I will understand enough to celebrate both the lessons learned and the scars required to learn them.

When I was sixteen or seventeen a visiting evangelist preached a sermon about patience, faith, and wisdom. He pointed out that if we pray for these three virtues God will provide them; however, he will provide them through lessons built on pain, suffering, and defeat. He will do this because it is only through defeat that we truly learn the importance of victory. So before we ask God for anything at all (and especially before we ask him for patience, faith, and wisdom!) we had best prepare ourselves for a long, painful learning process, because it is only through fire that gold can be purified.

I don't know if I have become gold. I do know that I have walked through the fire.

July 20, 2010

They finally catch on

PJTV: Post-modern cultural elites

A choice quote:
One requisite to being a cultural elite, unfortunately, is a certain allegiance to untruth, to saying one thing and doing another. Consider the manifestations of falsity from ecology to race. Often exempt from worry over a weekly check, and distanced from the mechanics of how things work, the elite clamors for a green cap-and-trade revolution. It rejects compromise with a fossil fuel near future that would transition us in a half-century or so to renewable energy.

July 16, 2010

The first step in unconventional war: depopulation

N.Y. Times: The new abortion providers
N.Y. Times: No babies?
International Analyst Network: The coming of Eurabia
My post yesterday: An interesting debate over the ground zero mosque

Matthew 25:34-36:
Then the King will say to those on his right, "Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.

Sometimes I look out at the world today and the only thought in my head is, "Who put the lunatics in charge of the asylum?" Has there ever been a time in human history when so many incompetent and/or immoral people have held positions of power and influence? Has the world ever known such all-pervasive corruption? Has any point in time since the destruction of Sodom and Gomarrah so perfectly epitomized the society-kiling, self-destructive drive of widespread individual self-indulgence as well as the era we are living in now?

If you are seeking to conquer a nation there are two things you must do: demoralize the population and destroy their military. It does not matter if your society is dependent on wood and stone or a full range of futuristic weapons we can barely imagine, the principle is the same. Your enemy must be completely demoralized so that they will not rise up in rebellion and their military capacity must be completely destroyed. A quick and easy tool for performing both tasks at once is genocide.

Stepping back from the blood and gore and looking out on a conflict with eyes that can see beyond the immediacy of a battlefield allows a strategist to recognize that there are many forms of depopulation which will achieve the same end result as genocide without the danger to yourself. If you can use propoganda, scholarship, and entertainment to convince a population that homosexuality is far more natural than heterosexuality, and then convince those few stubborn heterosexuals who remain that birth control or abortion improves their quality of life, the nation you are seeking to destroy will simply stop producing children. Once you achieve that goal, the only thing left is to wait until their population naturally declines to the point that they can be removed with little or no risk to yourself and your people. Even better, as they reach the point of no return convince some other group to go in and clean them out; preferrably a group that will be easy for you to incorporate into your own society later on.

Simple, no? Depopulation is the first step in fighting an unconventional war.

In the International Analyst Network article linked above the writer shows how this is exactly what is happening in Europe and postulates that it will soon take place in America as well. At 2.11 births per woman, the United States of America is already at the lowest birthrate ever recorded in her 234 year history. After the baby boom scare of the sixties and early seventies, birthrates in America have mostly declined (with a few exceptions regionally or during short bursts of economic prosperity). As a predictive comparision it should be noted birthrates in Europe are now so low that in many countries their populations are dropping by half every twenty years. Muslim immigrants are flooding into Europe to fill the vacancies left by non-child-bearing couples. In the United States, Mexican immigrants (mostly illegal) are serving the same purpose, although rates of immigration from Muslim countries (both legal and illegal) have risen dramatically since 9/11.

Homosexuality has become mainstream and abortion has become accepted as a standard form of birth control. The reason that it was so important for the 2010 healthcare reform package to include provisions allowing for federal funding of abortions is that birthrates in inner city ghettos and other impoverished areas have stubbornly refused to follow the same decline. It is not accidental that the first two states to set up pools of federal money which include funding for abortions for uninsured and underinsured women are both states with large populations living at or below the poverty level. Perhaps it truly is only a genuine desire to see that poor women have access to the best healthcare available, but the end result will be the same: fewer babies will be born into large population groups deemed "undesirable" by progressive scholars and academics. The one thing I do know is that it is frightfully odd that federally funded "family planning" revolves around abortion and sex education rather than around pre-natal care and early infancy.

On the surface, it has all the earmarks of a grand design with clear diabolical intent. I still find the conspiracy angle difficult to swallow, but I will admit conspiracy advocates do indeed clearly see where all of this "progress" is leading.

July 15, 2010

An interesting debate over the Gound Zero Mosque

I am torn here. The Cordoba Initiative bothers me. It does not ring true. By the same token, Atlas Shrugs is one of the most intolerant, inflammatory libertarian blogs in cyberspace. I don't like either participant in this debate, and on top of all that, I do not appreciate Kiran Chetry's overt effort to downplay Pamela Gellar's opposition to what is obviously intended to be an icon of Islamic victory.

This "debate" is indicative of everything that is wrong with America today. In an effort to appear tolerant, Kiran Chetry hosts this debate on her show, but in a reflection of the genuine intolerance for American ideals that too many journalists share, she uses her role as mediator to cast Pamela Geller as paranoid and hateful. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Ramey hides behind "diversity" and "integration" to press for greater freedom to allow New York Muslims to remain detached and condescending toward American people. This proposed "Islamic education center" will cater exclusively to Muslims (even though the Cordoba Initiative denies this now, never in history has any Islamic center been open to non-Muslims, they will not make an exception here) and in doing so it will serve as one more cornerstone preventing Muslims from fully integrating into American society.

When I watch this video I see three bigots competing to see which of their viewpoints will dominate the issue. None of them are being entirely factual and all of them are operating from a position of strict intolerance for the viewpoints of the other participants. It is unnerving to see such a perfect exhibition of the deep-seated contempt the different factions of American society are feeling for one another at this point in time.

Let the Cordoba Initiative build their Cordoba House somewhere distant from Ground Zero. Let this building return to being an ordinary office building housing a variety of firms serving the people of New York. It would be best served as a workplace for accountants, architects, stockbrokers, publishers, lawyers, and other service-oriented white-collar businesses, preferrably small businesses run by entrepreneurs rather than branch offices of national and international firms.

Return the building to the people of New York. They have earned it.

("Logistics Monster", as off-the-wall a blog as any out there, also has an interesting post about this issue: Mosque at ground zero building over a Christian cemetary)

An excellent video by a dedicated conservative!

My only regret is that I did not learn of his videos three years ago! This one is well worth watching. I like his style!

July 14, 2010

Illegal immigrants, bad mortgages, and the failures of progressivism

I feel like I've gone over this hundreds upon hundreds of times and still there are countless people I encounter every single day who either ignore the facts, deny the reality, or dismiss the intimate connections between progressive ideology and the current global mess that has brought us to the threshold of another world war. Make no mistake. Unless there are dramatic changes within the next few months, we will have the opening shots of World War Three by spring, and possibly as early as this fall.

Let me begin by pointing out that the problem at the Mexican border is very real. Once upon a time most of the illegal aliens were hardworking family people looking for a better life. That is no longer true. Currently, the majority of people coming across the Mexican border are dangerous, violent criminals. They are mostly drug smugglers, human traffickers, or ordinary cartel foot soldiers. A few of them are terrorists. Technically, every single person who crosses the border without proper documentation is a criminal. That is a simple reality. There are legal avenues to enter this country, many of them, but they are complicated and time consuming. I know. I have a Japanese wife and all of my most depressing battles have been fought with immigration officials here and in Japan. I am not inclined to be sympathetic to those who simply ignore the system altogether.

Also, once again, it is not the bankers that caused the global financial meltdown. Although they were indeed large contributors. The origins of the problem are in the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and all of the subsequent amendments and regulations that followed. The sum total of all these progressive laws was forcing banks to issue mortgages to people who could not repay them while at the same time allowing non-bank mortgage brokers to create countless falsified mortgage applications which the banks were prohibited from investigating. The final straw that broke the camel's back came with investment banks bundling good mortgages and bad into a variety of derivatives which could be bought and sold like any other financial product. Too many of these were held by capital investment banks like Lehman Brothers when the hyperinflated housing market finally collapsed. The primary contributor to that collapse being the coming due of countless mortgages which had zero or minimal payments for the first five years on the assumption property values would rise forever, allowing the house to be flipped for a profit with little or no initial investment by the original mortgage holder. Tying those unfunded mortgages into the sub-prime through variable interest rates only exacerbated an already bad situation.

Politicians and lazy regulators not only provided the tools and then ignored the consequences until it was too late, they actively coerced major financial institutions into making bad loans to people who had no intention of ever repaying them.

These are facts, not interpretations, not speculations, and not hypotheticals. The rapidly advancing progressive agenda of the past fifty years (and to a lesser extent, the past century) led directly to where we are today. The rise of India, Pakistan, North Korea, and now Iran as nuclear powers are all the direct result of working through diplomacy and the United Nations instead of blasting research sites into oblivion the moment they appear. 9/11 was a direct result of C.I.A. involvement in the Soviet Union's misadventure in Afghanistan. The concentration of displaced Palestinians in permanent "refugee camps" is the direct result of Arab nations refusal to accept the reality of Israel. This in turn led to billions upon billions of dollars flowing into those camps from world charities. Our world is on the verge of our most devastating global war ever because for five decades governments and charities around the world have created permanent poverty by providing food, shelter, and clothing instead of education and career opportunities to billions of disadvantaged people around the world.

We gave the world's poor a free ride, but now the gravy train has ended. The compassion and personal guilt of countless successful capitalists who derived their wealth and position from direct participation in free market economies has led them to ignore the most fundamental precept of poverty alleviation ever devised: if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime!

The liberal progressive movement has failed. There is no Marxist utopia on the horizon, nor even in the distant future. Socialism, when defined as government's responsibility to alleviate poverty by direct action, has failed. For five decades common sense has been put aside in favor of compassion and personal guilt. Faith has been forced into hiding in all but it's most dangerous and radical forms, while atheism has been allowed to trumpet "humanitarianism" as the new religion. We have spent half a century giving men fish instead of teaching them to fish all in the name of "progress" and "abandoning tradition".

When the war opens, remember, it was not the "greedy" and "selfish" conservatives who brought this situation about. It was neither bankers nor industrialists. It was charity and government intervention in areas of life where it did not belong. We are on the verge of a world war because we denied the reality of personal responsibility and allowed collectivists to coerce us into systems and habits we knew would fail.

By my reckoning we have no more than ninety days to change the path we are on. I hope I am wrong.

July 10, 2010

All hail Nero, Emperor of decline!

SF Gate: After dark, mobs form, smash windows, loot
John Lott: The limits of using video cameras to stop crime
The Wall Street Journal: High noon in Pahrump

There is a quaint image from history that forms the basis for many proverbs in the Western World: Emperor Nero, the champion of the people and the greatest imperial supporter of coliseum events featuring blood, gore, and mayhem, sits atop his palace strumming a lyre while watching Rome burn beneath him. History is not quite so poetic. In 64 A.D. Rome did burn. The fire lasted a full week, but rather than sit atop his palace, Nero spent the first few days personally directing the efforts to stop the blaze. His reputation for luxury and entertainment doomed him, however, and when the Roman Senate began taking rumors of his callousness seriously Nero went looking for a scapegoat. What followed were the infamous persecutions of the Christians, something coliseum goers felt were the Emperor's best entertainment package ever.

Nero was not the first leader of a civilized society to distract his public with frivolity, and the United States of America will not be the last civilization destroyed by a public too fixated on personal leisure to get involved in the issues of the day. Nero's response to the burning of Rome laid the foundation for the gradual decay of Roman civilization, even as the "Roaring Twenties" laid the foundation for our own imminent collapse. Although, as I pointed out a few days ago, the world dies and is reborn daily, and this why on far too many levels Alex Jones is completely correct in his wildest conspiracy theories. There is indeed a vast globalist network of extremely wealthy and influential people who have decided that China is the next superpower and America is doomed. Alex Jones is also right in recognizing that far too many Americans are more concerned with athletes and celebrities than they are with politics and economics. In a very real sense, rather than our leaders it is we the people who have become the legendary Nero fiddling merrily away while our grand civilization burns around us. I suppose, like the historical Nero, the real issue is not that the city is burning but in deciding what to build atop the ashes. I suppose the first thing we will have to do is wait for the fire to burn itself out.

I have spent three decades watching this fire burn. For the first decade I ran around like Nero trying to organize efforts to prevent the destruction from spreading. There were some victories, but by and large, my efforts and the efforts of men and women with far greater stature and influence than myself all failed. Now the conflagration is reaching epic proportions, has consumed three continents, and is poised to consume the rest. Unfortunately, there are more people cheering the flames than fighting them. This summer could easily see both Europe and the United States go the way of Somalia. If we are lucky, we will not fall quite that far. No, if we are lucky, we will only wind up like Thailand where globalist investors look at violence and see only more opportunity to make money. Is it any wonder, as I pointed out yesterday, that someone (or some group of people) has invested billions upon billions of dollars in support of chaos and uncertainty? I don't know if there is a clear plan to bring down the greatest nation in history, but I am certain that the end result of their meddling will be the complete collapse of the United States of America.

Professional rioters destroyed storefronts in Oakland, a major U.S. bank laundered drug cartel money, and now those same drug cartels are threatening to bring their war across the border. While most of America follows with glassy-eyed devotion the antics of LeBron James and Lindsay Lohan, Turkey and Israel take another step toward opening World War Three. Even members of my own family sat glued to the television waiting to see where Lebron James would go and dying to find out how much time Lindsay Lohan would spend in jail. I do not understand this obsession with celebrities and professional athletes, and I suppose I never will. As the article above reported, thousands fled downtown Oakland in the hours before the riots began, but it took three days for the news networks to bother reporting it because the personal lives of a professional basketball player and a movie star were so much more important than riots, drug cartels, and collapsing diplomacy.

July 09, 2010

Who is funding the rapidly approaching civil war?

Russian Times: Fox News stirring up racial hatred
The DC: Fox News versus the New Black Panther Party

It seems that someone somewhere wants the Restoring Honor Rally to turn into a violent confrontation. In order for the New Black Panther Party to gather in Washington D.C., someone is going to have to pay for their transportation, their meals, and everything else associated with this kind of rally. Tea Party members who plan to attend the Restoring Honor Rally have been planning this for months. They are each individually taking time out of their busy lives, cooperating together to arrange transportation, and funding their day from their own pockets. I cannot believe the New Black Panther party is doing the same.

Unless something has changed dramatically in the last decade, the vast majority of New Black Panther Party members are either unemployed or unskilled workers making minimum wage. Over half of them cannot even afford their own beret and black leather jacket, the party has to provide it for them. Fundraising has always been their greatest challenge because the people they are reaching out to do not have any money. Perhaps the reason they don't have money is that America is a racist nation where a poor black single mother of six cannot find a job, but I kind of doubt it. I have met many successful black men and women working in every field from agriculture to business executives including doctors, lawyers, dentists, shopkeepers, restaurant owners, bankers, stockbrokers, and so on. Fifty years ago things were indeed different, but in my lifetime many of America's most successful people are black, hispanic, asian, native American, persian, arabian, indian, or some other minority. If anything, my lifetime has seen an America where it is dramatically easier for minorities than it is for whites.

Remember, these are just people I have met casually while on vacation here in the States. Up until March of 2009, I lived in Japan and only came to America to visit family or take a vacation. Now that I live here I am encountering even more minorities working hard to feed their families and make a better life for themselves. I meet them at Walmart, Marathon gas stations, Ryan's Cafeteria, Bob Evans restaurants, Home Depot, Lowe's. Not a day goes by that I don't meet a friendly, helpful sales clerk, table server, or technical advisor who happens to be black or some other minority, and I live in the middle of corn country! One of the branch managers in the banking company where I keep my checking account is black! Here in corn country! A black bank manager! How is that indicative of racial discrimination? How is that evidence of a prevailing hatred of blacks? He deals with white farmers, factory workers, sales clerks, and so on every day of his life. They still do business at his bank. They still meet with him when they take out a loan.

There are plenty of black Americans in the conservative movement, and they often appear at Tea Party rallies both as speakers and participants. Fox News has noted they are often called race traitors. They have organized their own national movement, and several of them have influential blogs, including "Another Black Conservative" who is definitely not on the side of the New Black Panther Party.

This is not a racial issue. I would really like to know who is spending so much money driving the United States into a race war. Why are so many highly public figures announcing the Tea Party is a "racist movement"? Why do so many public figures ignore, discredit, ridicule, or lie about the existence of non-white Tea Party members and conservative voters? Why, after five decades of growing influence, prosperity, and opportunity, are so many blacks and hispanics crying out about racism? And, in complete alliance with them, we must not overlook the ugly radical stain ruining the Islamic tapestry of our world, including right here in the United States of America.

Why has this ignorant and violent movement suddenly arisen? Who is funding it? Who is driving it? Who is lying about modern American culture and by their deception, driving us full-speed straight down the road leading to another civil war?

It's not about race. It's not even about the people of America. To be completely and totally honest, I do not know what it is about. I only know one thing: someone, or some group of people, is spending billions upon billions of dollars driving my homeland into civil war.

I want to know who they are and I want them stopped!

July 05, 2010

Procrastination and laziness

When I was a very small child I fell out of the backseat of a moving car. It wasn't going very fast, and I wasn't seriously hurt, but it had a big impact on how I think and feel. I was a teenager before I figured out how to put that feeling into words:

Today is all you have, and it's not a guarantee, so make the best of it while you can!

No, this is not another way to say, "eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die!" It is, in fact, exactly the opposite. It's more in line with this:
"Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?"

Now, to be both fair and honest, I am no saint. There have been many days when I was sick with worry about trivial things. In each and every case, once I realized how trivial it had been, I reminded myself not to make the same mistake the next time. The next time it happened, I would consciously lay it aside and focus on getting the most out of the day I had been given.

For each day truly is a gift. The one thing no atheist can ever do is feel appreciative for the day. This is because they do not acknowledge the giver of the day. For the atheist, each new day is no different from the one that came before or the one that follows. The atheist might work hard and live an honest life, but they will never truly appreciate the life they have been given because to an atheist there is no greater power than they themselves. Yes, I am indeed saying that atheism is a very elaborate justification for narcissism. It always has been and always will be.

So what exactly am I driving at and how does it relate to the "procrastination and laziness" in the title? That's kind of complicated, but it starts with days like yesterday.

Yesterday was the 4th of July, sometimes called "Independence Day". On July 4, 1776 the American patriots declared their independence from Britain and dedicated their lives to insuring the realization of that independence in the everyday lives of American farmers, craftspeople, and merchants. This was a wild, insane, carpe diem act. Over the next thirteen years some of them died and some of them lost everything they owned while a few of them went on to lay the foundation for the one truly free society the world has ever known.

It was also an act of great procrastination and laziness. They did not immediately draft the Articles of Confederation. In fact, the very creation of the Declaration of Independence was in and of itself an act of procrastination and laziness because they had been sent to Philadelphia to draft the Articles, not some crazy document that launched them straight down the path to war with the greatest imperial nation on earth. Everything about the creation of our nation was similarly based on procrastination and laziness. (After all, only three years before instead of paying taxes they had dressed up like indians and tossed crates of tea into the Boston harbor.) The founding fathers constantly put off tasks demanded of them by the King and Parliment and used their days to do something important to them: work toward creating a Constitutional Republic.

Here in the United States there are hundreds of thousands of people, and possibly a couple million, who get paid to campaign for Marxist programs. They call themselves "political activists", but it does not matter what their personal issue might be (environment, gay rights, open borders, etc.), their solution is always the same: ignore the Constitution, give government more power, take money from the rich, gain control of private property, prevent people from living how they want to and force them to live a more "moral" life. These people are being paid to destroy the strongest, most free, most important nation the world has ever known. Do you understand what I am saying here? They are professionals! This is their job! This is what they do and they do it well.

And on the side of tradition we have middle-aged Americans taking time away from work, sacrificing time with their families, loading up on buses and heading to Washington D.C. where the professional activists call them "terrorists", "bigots", "neo-Nazis", and "white supremacists". The next big rally in Washington D.C. will be on 8/28/10. Glenn Beck is calling this one, the "Restoring Honor Rally". Instead of mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, attending the PTA meeting, working overtime to pay the mortgage, and so on, large numbers of average Americans are going to set aside important chores and responsibilities to take a day trip to Washington and stand in front of the Lincoln Memorial where they will spend the day listening to speeches and music. Afterwards, the professional activists and their allies in journalism will undoubtedly revile them, rail against them, and demand the government do something about them.

Do you understand yet? Do you see what I am trying to say? Procrastination and laziness are not faults, nor are they shortcomings. They are the tools we use to change the world. Our enemies are hard-working, ambitious professionals who have dedicated their lives to transforming the United States of America into a copy of France, or maybe China. It is only by setting aside our own responsibilities and joining countless other like-minded and equally lazy people that we can stop, and hopefully reverse, the work of the professional activists.

Procrastination and laziness. They are the key to preserving what we have and expanding our freedoms. They are essential to reversing a century of gradual, piecemeal encroachments on our sacred, God-given right to live our lives free of meddling busybodies utterly convinced of their own ability to make better choices for us than we can make for ourselves. Once in awhile we have to lay aside our own labor, postpone a few important tasks, and spend time away from those we love. The professional activists already consider us impediments. If we attend the rally the neighborhood beautification club will no doubt consider us lazy good for nothings. Since we will be in Washington D.C. at that time, the PTA will be furious that we haven't attended the Pre-Opening Day Orientation for Parents. All of them will be absolutely right. There is no profit in attending this event, none whatsoever. In order to attend we will all have to put off numerous, very important personal responsibilities. That is exactly what makes it vital that we are there!

If we succeed in defeating the professional activists, then our children's children will be free to ride their skateboards in the city park, sit on their computers playing games, and spend all day texting with their friends. With just a little more procrastination on our part, they will never once have to waste a moment of their day laboring without pay for some hardworking professional activist who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that such laziness would destroy civilized society.

I know it's hard to justify putting off important tasks and spending a day doing nothing, but if we don't take control of the situation and defeat the professionals, our grandchildren will never have the chance to understand just how wonderful laziness can be.