July 15, 2010

An interesting debate over the Gound Zero Mosque

I am torn here. The Cordoba Initiative bothers me. It does not ring true. By the same token, Atlas Shrugs is one of the most intolerant, inflammatory libertarian blogs in cyberspace. I don't like either participant in this debate, and on top of all that, I do not appreciate Kiran Chetry's overt effort to downplay Pamela Gellar's opposition to what is obviously intended to be an icon of Islamic victory.

This "debate" is indicative of everything that is wrong with America today. In an effort to appear tolerant, Kiran Chetry hosts this debate on her show, but in a reflection of the genuine intolerance for American ideals that too many journalists share, she uses her role as mediator to cast Pamela Geller as paranoid and hateful. Meanwhile, Ibrahim Ramey hides behind "diversity" and "integration" to press for greater freedom to allow New York Muslims to remain detached and condescending toward American people. This proposed "Islamic education center" will cater exclusively to Muslims (even though the Cordoba Initiative denies this now, never in history has any Islamic center been open to non-Muslims, they will not make an exception here) and in doing so it will serve as one more cornerstone preventing Muslims from fully integrating into American society.

When I watch this video I see three bigots competing to see which of their viewpoints will dominate the issue. None of them are being entirely factual and all of them are operating from a position of strict intolerance for the viewpoints of the other participants. It is unnerving to see such a perfect exhibition of the deep-seated contempt the different factions of American society are feeling for one another at this point in time.

Let the Cordoba Initiative build their Cordoba House somewhere distant from Ground Zero. Let this building return to being an ordinary office building housing a variety of firms serving the people of New York. It would be best served as a workplace for accountants, architects, stockbrokers, publishers, lawyers, and other service-oriented white-collar businesses, preferrably small businesses run by entrepreneurs rather than branch offices of national and international firms.

Return the building to the people of New York. They have earned it.

("Logistics Monster", as off-the-wall a blog as any out there, also has an interesting post about this issue: Mosque at ground zero building over a Christian cemetary)