August 29, 2010

My thoughts on Saturday's "dueling" rallies

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. finished his "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom" with a ten-minute speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Often called the "I Have a Dream Speech", after his death the theme of this speech became a foundational pillar of the American civil rights movement. Around 200,000 people participated in Dr. King's march and listened to his speech, many of them traveling to Washington in the face of clear, specific threats of violence.

The video above is video I took on that same day in 2010. The area around the Reflecting Pool was too crowded, so I was forced to take a position in the field on the south side of the tree line. My video covers only half the crowd of people who gathered in Washington D.C. for Glenn Becks' "Restoring Honor" rally. The focus of the rally was more spiritual than political. It reminded me of the many "revival" meetings I used to attend early in my Christian walk. When I look at videos of Dr. King's 1963 speech, it also carries with it a strong revivalist message. There is, however, one profound difference. Glenn Beck's message was clearly focused on individualism while Dr. King's was clearly collectivist.

Dr. King was not telling his people to be proud of who they were as individuals. His speech was defiant, placing the black collective against the white collective. He called for reconciliation, but the bulk of the message is a condemnation of white America, a condemnation that in my opinion was clearly deserved in that moment in time but is no longer appropriate. Trying to revive the idea that blacks are still oppressed and whites are their oppressor in today's world in the way that Al Sharpton does in his "competing" rally flies in the face of the many successful black Americans in every aspect of American life. There are blacks, hispanics, natives, asians, arabs, and persians in every social and economic sphere of modern American life. Without exception, any "racism" that still exists in these United States exists only in the minds of certain individuals who cannot rise above a Marxist or Fascist belief in the domination of one group over another. It does not matter if the individual in question believes they have the right to dominate or claims to be oppressed. Both situations are no longer part and parcel of life in America. Our nation's laws, social assumptions, and cultural aspirations have long since risen above racist or ethnic condemnation. It is no longer a problem here. It has not been a problem here for at least twenty years, and probably closer to thirty.

Here is a small selection of media responses to both Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" and Al Sharpton's "Reclaim the Dream".

CNN Belief Blog: "Beck positions himself as new Christian conservative leader"
MSNBC News: "Dueling rallies mark King speech anniversary"
MSNBC Video: "Dueling rallies about God and country"
ABC News: "Glenn Beck appeals to restore, Al Sharpton commemorates"
SF Chronicle "City Brights" blog: "Restoring honor: the "I have a dream" speech anniversary"

I was there. The one thing that no one in the news media has picked up on for some reason is that a large block of the participants in both rallies were exactly the same people. Yes, it's true. About one in three people from "Reclaim the Dream" were people who had also attended "Restoring Honor". This group wore their "Restoring Honor" shirts to Sharpton's rally and their "Reclaim the Dream" shirts to Beck's rally. If you really want to understand what is happening at the grassroots level in today's America then you must understand the motivations of this group of people.

I personally talked to about three dozen people who attended both rallies. The individuals I spoke with, and I admit it is a miniscule sampling, all had a few things in common: they were worried about the future, they had attended at least one Tea Party/9-12 meeting, they voted either Republican or Democrat depending on who they liked, and they were personally connected to the military. Some were active military, some were veterans, and some were spouses of people currently deployed. No one is speaking to or for these people. If we extrapolate this tiny sampling all across America, there could potentially be ten million tax-paying voters with direct personal ties to the military who feel no one in politics represents their interests. Both sides of the cultural debate ignore them, which is probably fine because these people are morally and ethically repulsed by the great effort in American media and politics to divide our country into dozens of tiny political factions.

I went to "Restoring Honor" expecting to learn something about the dynamics of the culture war being waged in our media between Marx-inspired collectivists and Jefferson-inspired individualists. I came away from the day with an even greater respect for the American people themselves. The American people know the direction they want the country to take. It is neither greater socialism nor a complete reversal of the past half-century of social change. If the three dozen or so individuals I spoke with are any indication, then this group of people who attended both rallies with equal vigor want one thing and one thing only: they want the government to lower taxes, reduce the bureaucracy, and get the hell out of their way so they can build a better life for their children.

Oh, and one last thought. They do not see themselves as black, white, native, hispanic, asian, arab, persian, socialist, conservative, liberal, democrat, or republican. They see themselves as Americans!

August 27, 2010

Real honor

According to Webster's New World dictionary:
honor: 1. high regard or respect; esp., a)glory; fame b) good reputation 2. adherence to principles considered right; integrity

The Bible often mentions honor, but only as a way of showing respect to parents, the aged, the king, and of course, God. Webster's definition is not much, defining honor in rather general terms and making it virtually a synonym for respect. So what is this quality we call, "honor"?

Honor begins in the heart. This is why it is so easily dismissed by those who refuse to incorporate it into their own life. Modern science has worked very hard to remove the concepts of honor, love, and generosity from daily life. Social scientists recast them in shades of self-preservation, revealing the deep narcissism of the sociologist rather than discrediting the principle itself. Still, narcissism is a very common frame of mind in today's world and as a result, many have dismissed honor as old-fashioned and unnecessary. Sometimes they will even go so far as to label honor narcissistic. They do this by utilizing a perverse form of transference that runs through progressivism like a cancer. "Modern", "progressive", and "global" have all become words used to discredit anyone who displays honor, love, and generosity by labeling that person old-fashioned, ignorant, conservative, and worst of all, bigoted. The implication is that a principled heart is unwelcome in the modern age of enlightened self-interest, which is a fancy way of describing narcissism and making it seem somehow superior to traditional values.

I am a traditionalist. I have always been a traditionalist. I will die a traditionalist.

But none of that really defines the word, "honor".

So what is it?

Honor, to me, begins with the recognition that the individual is both sacrosanct and irrelevant. Sacrosanct because it is only through empowering the individual that society can hope to survive and flourish, irrelevant because no one is the center of the universe. We need each other the way a flower needs sunshine, a fish needs water, and a deer needs a meadow. Honor is the glue that binds us together in mutual respect because it starts by both recognizing the importance of the individual and reminding the individual that alone they are powerless.

It is honor that compels me to acknowledge that yes, the Cordoba Initiative does have the legal and moral right to build an Islamic Community Center and Shari'a university only two blocks from the site of the most destructive Islamic terrorist attack against American people and property in the history of our nation. An attack planned and carried out by Islamic fighters trained by the American C.I.A. to fight against Soviet invaders in Afghanistan. Honor also compels me to acknowledge the blind, arrogant, and narcissistic actions of the American Congress when they abandoned the people of Afghanistan once the Soviet forces departed. I understand all of that, however, it is also honor that refuses to justify the actions of the terrorists, refuses to let them be called "heroes", and demands the Cordoba Initiative relocate their community center somewhere at least eight or ten blocks away. American actions following the Soviet departure were indeed dishonorable, but that does not justify the murder of over two thousand people, many of whom in life could not have located Afghanistan on a map. It was not their fault. They did not deserve to die. Their killers do not deserve to be memorialized.

Honesty derived from realism is part and parcel of honor, but honor goes beyond honesty. Honor recognizes that although a fact is a fact, truth is illusive and hard to define. It is a fact that the C.I.A. trained the team leaders of the four teams of five terrorists that destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon, and murdered over two thousand people. Honor stops with the fact itself, refusing to derive from that fact some "truth" implicating the American government, the citizens of Afghanistan, or some foreign intelligence agency. The facts of the attack are brutal enough on their own that deriving some complicated conspiracy from them would be dishonorable.

Why? Because in order for such a conspiracy to be concocted the conspiracist must assume they are the center of all creation with access to greater facts, greater intelligence, and greater truth than the sum total of the information available to the rest of us. Every conspiracy begins in narcissism, either because the participants believe they are entitled to something the rest of us do not deserve or because the observers prefer their imaginative recreation to a simple recognition of the facts. Narcissism is the death of honor, and honor is the only way to counter the narcissistic tendencies that each and every one of us possess. Of course you feel like the center of the universe, so do I, but that does not make it real and honor is the internal mechanism used to counter the delusion of narcissism. Honor reminds me that facts are facts and speculation must not be confused with facts.

But that as well brings us full circle. Describing "honor" as the counter to narcissism does not define what it is, only what it achieves. Nor have I yet addressed the relationship between honor and the idea that somehow the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and society must be homogenized into a collective whole capable of standing against some other collective whole. If honor is the realization of irrelevance, then are socialism, Marxism, theocracy, and other collectivist ideals merely a more modern form of honor?

No. In fact, honor is just the opposite. Regardless of what we label them or how appealing their promised utopia might be, all forms of collectivism are dishonorable.

Collectivism seeks a utopia where regardless of individual strengths and weaknesses each individual is so totally subsumed within the whole that the whole must provide their needs even if the whole has no use for them. Collectivism disempowers the individual because it prevents them from realizing their individual strengths, building on those strengths, and working to overcome their weaknesses. The collectivist is always a narcissist because the collectivist believes that they are inherently superior to everyone around them and any personal failure is not related to their own individual weaknesses. When collectivists find themselves in positions of influence they immediately begin looking for ways to deprive other individuals of the fruit of their labor. This is because the collectivist depends upon the whole to provide their sense of empowerment. A collectivist believes they are inherently superior and because of this belief, when they find themselves in control of the resources of the community they use those resources to enhance their own position either through conspicuous consumption or through bribery, and often through both. Egalitarianism is their sermon, but self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement are their lifestyle. Honor is the opposite of collectivism because honor is the internal weapon used to defeat narcissism.

In a metaphysical sense I am divine, but so are you. You are just as important to the whole as I am. If either of us is removed, society will continue to survive and flourish. The strengths you and I individually possess can support, strengthen, and assist the survival and prosperity of our family, our community, our nation, and our world, but no one individual is irreplaceable, nor are they unnecessary.

Honor is the realization that together we can accomplish far more than either of us could possibly achieve on our own. Honor is the willingness and the desire to work together for the common good through allowing the individual to flourish or fail on their own merits. The narcissist hates honor because it reminds them that they are no better than anyone else and are not entitled to the rewards someone else has gained through their individual success. Honor uplifts the individual while reminding them that alone they are meaningless.

So what is honor? Honor is the conscious and deliberate recognition of my own importance to the world around me as well as the conscious and deliberate recognition of my own place within that world. Honor is the conscious and deliberate willingness to root out and destroy every narcissistic tendency whether it arises on its own or through the self-congratulation that follows every success. Honor is the conscious and deliberate restructuring of self-love, self-congratulation, and self-indulgence into humility, service, and respect. Honor cannot be awarded. It can only be developed. Each of us must recognize our own individual narcissistic tendency and then make a conscious and deliberate decision to replace it with honor.

August 25, 2010

America died today

It is now time to start the revolution to restore the Constitution. The political, economic, and academic leadership has declared war on the American people by fiat and by legal gerrymandering.

Instead of limiting the government's ability to establish a national church, the First Amendment now prevents everyone except Muslim organizations backed by the elite from worshiping whenever and wherever they see fit:

The Fourth Amendment now only applies to the economic elite:
"The Government's new right to monitor everyone, everywhere, except the rich!"

An important and noteworthy quote from Chief Judge Alex Kozinski:
"The judges in the majority are guilty of cultural elitism."

It is time to stop the charade. If we do not remove this cancer by force and remove it now, America will never recover. With these two decisions two distinct classes have been created in every legal sense. One class is composed of a wealthy elite that controls the government through bribery and coercion and the backing of academia, the other class is everyone who is not a member of the first. The craftspeople, farmers, factory workers, and small business owners no longer have any voice in government, any control over what their children learn, and no right to protest the decisions of the elite.

It is too late. It does not matter what happens in November. Congress has now become an irrelevant representative of the ignored and unimportant masses. Even if Congress meets and decides to reverse these decisions, the courts will simply annul them. Academia and the courts have come together in collusion with the most radical administration in the history of our country and overthrown the sovereignty of the people. The people are no longer sovereign. The Federal administration working through a vast, parasitic bureaucracy and backed by the full legal power of the bench has taken complete and total control of the political and legal processes designed to empower the people and minimize the central government.

We have become a dystopian hybrid of the failed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the ascendent People's Republic of China. The royal families of Europe and the Middle East now have more control over the American political and legal process than the American people do.

Mark my words and mark them well. America died today. All that is left is dividing up the corpse amongst the vultures.

God help us all!

Update, August 26, 2010:

The Fourth Amendment apparently no longer applies on the streets of American cities. On the same day as the court decision above was published Forbes Online reported, "Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed in Roving Vans".

Does no one in the media understand these connections? Can no one see what is happening right before their very eyes?

August 22, 2010

A trusted scout sends back a warning

Brigid over at Home on the Range sees beyond the far horizon, understands water and stone, and has an important warning for all of us: The Science of Risk

Are you listening?

August 18, 2010

A call for a coup d'etat in America

Foreign Policy: History is not made by rational men
Middle East Media Research Ins.: Military option is best solution
The History Place: World War Two Timeline

On September 1, 1939, the world stood by and watched in horror as Hitler sent the German military into Poland. Just under a year later, on August 13, 1940, Germany began air raids against British military and industrial sites. Then, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and America could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the world self-destruct.

War is a terrible necessity. I spent four years in the United States Army from 1980 to 1984. I have been a hardcore patriotic supporter of the United States of America my entire life. For a speech contest in high school I defined myself by faith and patriotism. It is who I am. It is who I will always be. I cannot believe that the world has deteriorated to the point that I am actually having these thoughts and writing this post, but with God as my witness and history as my teacher there is no other realistic option if America is to survive another generation.

Iran cannot be allowed to have a fully functioning nuclear power-plant. I do not understand why Russia has helped them build one. Yet here we are. It is like a nightmare scenario from the deepest, darkest days of the Cold War when the Doomsday Clock seemed permanently locked at five minutes to midnight. The official time as I write this post is six minutes to midnight, but for the first time in my life I find myself in complete disagreement. By my reckoning we are one minute to midnight and the seconds are counting down.

We stand poised at the edge of a precipice. The current political leadership in both America and Iran has far too much in common with Hitler and his inner circle. There is far too much to lose if we allow Iran to have even a single functioning nuclear warhead. The rise to prominence of radical Islam, the positioning of radical Islamic clerics in every country in the world, and the growing detachment between the American government and the American people, when brought together beneath an American president who loves Islamic nations more than he loves his own, creates not a powder-keg, but an entire explosive tapestry reaching into every living-room in the world. If Iran has the capability to destroy an Israeli city with a single nuclear bomb they will not hesitate to use it. Their first target will probably be Tel Aviv.

We are going to war. Any day now. This power-plant must not be brought online. Someone must destroy it and Pres. Obama will not. Since he will not, Israel must. If Israel does not, then within months Tel Aviv will vanish beneath a mushroom cloud. The march to global war, and the inevitable early introduction of nuclear weaponry into that war, has now become unavoidable. If Iran is not stopped, then my children will raise their families in an Islamic world governed by Shari'a and corrupt, hypocritical, fundamentalist Muslim dictators. This must not be allowed to come to pass.

For the first time in my life I am faced with a horrible realization. There is only one force in the world that can prevent this holocaust. The American military must remove Pres. Obama, suspend Congress for ninety days, and use every means at their disposal to destroy Iran and reverse the rising tide of radical Islamic fundamentalists. If this means the transformation of the entire Middle East into a desert of radioactive green glass, then so be it.

The loss of Middle Eastern oil will interrupt but not destroy the onward march of civilization. There is oil enough in the Americas and in Siberia to fuel industrialized society for at least two more generations. More than long enough to bring alternative energy sources into their full maturity. That maturity will never be reached if the world falls under a global government dominated by radical Islamic clerics. The downfall of the glorious Muslim civilization of the eighth to sixteenth centuries was the direct result of radical Islamic leaders rising into positions of power and crushing all forms of individuality and innovation. History is very clear. An Islamic society ruled by open-minded moderates is as progressive and enlightened as any society ruled in accordance with any other ethical foundation. An Islamic society, or any society, ruled by fundamentalists is a dark age of oppression locked into a continuous cycle of decay.

If the Iranian plant that Russia has helped build is not destroyed, then within a decade our world will be a global theocracy ruled by Islamic fundamentalists. Yes. It really is that serious. History is very clear. We are now on the same threshold as Europe in 750 A.D. The only difference is that now the threshold covers the entire globe. If they are allowed to succeed, then our entire world will face the same intellectual, technological, and political decline that led to the darkest days in the history of the Caliphate. It was this period of decline that provided the opportunity for Europeans to launch their first successful crusade against the Islamic leaders of the area now controlled by Israel. Only after Saladin and his allies drove fundamentalists from key government and military positions were the Muslims able to regroup, reorganize, and re-invent their military into a force capable of expelling the Europeans. The entire time the Europeans held Anatolia and the Levant the Caliphate was in decline. It was as genuine a dark age as that experienced by any civilization ever known.

If the Iranians succeed and Israel is destroyed, the whole of the Middle East will fall into the same kind of fundamentalist nightmare that held the Caliphate from 929 A.D. to 1031 A.D. This time, fueled by cash reserves earned through a century of oil money and a chain of Russian-backed nuclear power plants that begin with this one in Bushehr, they will possess the ability to extend their hold over the entire globe. If they possess it, they will use it. As fundamental Muslims they will have no choice. If Allah grants them the power to control the world then they must exert that power and capture the globe. It is far more compelling than a divine right, it is a divine duty that cannot be refused.

This must be stopped. Pres. Obama will not stop it. He has bowed, grovelled, and apologized his way through the Middle East. He supports the building of a Victory Mosque two blocks from Ground Zero. When Israel destroys the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant, Russia will retaliate and Pres. Obama will again grovel. This cannot be allowed to happen. It will be the beginning of the end for Western civilization. If Israel does not destroy the plant, then Iran will destroy Israel within five years, and probably within two, producing exactly the same result.

America must act. The only way for America to take action is for Pres. Obama and his supporters to be removed from the political scene. The only force capable of removing them is the American military. Therefore, the people's army must rise to the defense of the nation's people. There are no other options left. We must have a military coup d'etat and a short, fixed, non-extendable suspension of civilian government. Just long enough to destroy the ability of fundamentalist Islamic political and religious leaders to continue in their perversion of a beautiful, peace-loving religion.

There is no one else with the resources and the capability to reverse both the growth of fundamental Islam and the disproportionate influence of American Marxists. Our entire world sits at a deadly crossroads. This is the very last chance to reverse the onward march into a global tyranny of Marxists and Islamic fundamentalists.

If action is not taken and taken now, then your children and mine will raise their families in a world of oppression, tyranny, and gradual decay.

August 14, 2010

Progressive hypocrisy

Once again, the liberal progressive movement in America proudly and belligerently launches a campaign based on their honest assessment of your worth as a human being. Be forewarned, the lyrics in this song are unsafe for the office, gentle adults, and small children.

Oh, and just to show their marketing savvy is on par with their creativity, they have a whole new line of products: F*ck Tea.

They proudly proclaim they are the only true American party and they do so by belittling the most popular grassroots movement in America. Does no one see a problem with this? Are they really so arrogant and condescending that they honestly believe the way to succeed in America is by humiliating American people, American traditions, and American values? How is it that a group of individuals who claim to be open-minded, loving, and compassionate can create both a song and a marketing campaign so clearly and obviously based on pure collective hatred? Is this their idea of bringing utopia? If it is, just what kind of utopia are they proposing?

And it's not just a corny logo and a nasty song aimed at a national and international markets. No, even on the local level they are engaged in deception, condescension, and distortion: AFSCME's Misleading Tax Attack

I really dislike campaigns based on mudslinging, deception, and overt condescension. Sometimes they come from the right, sometimes they come from the left, and sometimes they come from the center. I don't care where such campaigns come from, they disgust me.

Life is not fair. Life will never be fair. The one advantage the human animal has over the rest of life on Earth is that we recognize this basic unfairness. Not only do we recognize it, we can do something none of the other animals can do, we can rise above it. The key to rising above the animal nature in all of us is honor, that long lost value that is far too often credited with insane duels to the death and the murder of family members who behave in ways the family disagrees with. Honor killings, like the brutal running down of Noor Almaleki by her father, or the horrible double-murder of Amina and Sarah Said have nothing to do with "honor". These brutal acts by insane individuals have nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with honor, and everything to do with the most dangerous forms of narcissism. Killing your daughter or wife because they stop obeying you is a dishonorable act of such magnitude that it is impossible for it to somehow magically restore your lost reputation. There is no act more dishonorable for a father or a husband to engage in. None whatsoever.

On the surface, honor killings and political mudslinging are disconnected. The creators of F*ck Tea would ridicule anyone who attempted to connect their campaign with radical Islam, and yet both agendas spring from the same delusional thinking. Both honor killings and political mudslinging are based on the assumption that one individual, or one group of individuals, is inherently wiser, inherently more knowledgeable, and inherently more competent to make personal decisions than the objects of their wrath. The F*ck Tea campaign arises from the assumption that anyone who disagrees with the liberal progressive agenda is stupid, ignorant, highly prejudiced, and capable of violence. The perpetrator of an honor killing assumes his wife or daughter is stupid, ignorant, deceived, and determined to destroy the reputation of the family. These are both examples of extreme narcissism, the absolute belief that the narcissist is inherently better than their victim.

Is it any wonder that both President Obama and New York's Mayor Bloomberg support the construction of a Victory Mosque a mere two blocks from the site of the worst terrorist strike carried out on American soil in our nation's history? And that they do so on the basis of a liberal progressive interpretation of the First Amendment?

What? You don't like the expression "Victory Mosque"? Okay, but don't take my word for it, listen to what Muslims are saying:

Wafa Sultan: A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory

Can you not see the parallels? Do you not understand why I wrote "The Final Unholy Alliance"? If conservative Americans who believe in God, guns, and family are the ones with small, hate-filled minds, then why are the liberal progressive politicians jumping into bed with radical Muslims? If both groups are not bent on destroying America, then why is it they are often in full agreement on issues such as Shari'a law and the Victory Mosque?

Back in 1985, before my first child was born, my wife and I lived in a small apartment in a Tokyo neighborhood called "Koenji". For about eight months our neighbors were a Muslim fellow from Pakistan and his Japanese wife, who had converted to Islam in order to marry him. Very nice people the both of them. My wife and I often joined them for Pakistani curry, and we often treated them to sushi. While I was in Nihonmatsu teaching English to volunteers for the Japan International Cooperation Agency, I worked with an American woman married to a Muslim from India. Naturally she had converted to Islam in order to marry him. They had me over to their place for dinner a couple times and I treated them to dinner at Denny's a couple times. I could go on and on. I have dozens of such stories. I long ago lost count of how many Muslim acquaintances I have had down through the years. I am not a racist, nor am I a bigot.

I am, however, a fiscal and political conservative. I believe in a small government on a limited budget that restricts itself to keeping the domestic peace and managing international relations. I believe in spending money on police forces, fire departments, infrastructure, the military, and the most minimal commercial law enforcement we can possibly get away with. I'm not looking for a utopia because I don't believe one is possible. We should not be wasting public money in an effort to completely prevent bad things from happening, nor should we be spending public money in some vain attempt to "equalize" everyone's standard of living. I feel for the victims of crime and those who fall through the cracks of capitalism. Helping them is a personal responsibility I make every effort to fulfill. It is not and never should be a government responsibility. Every time the government works to eliminate poverty and prejudice the end result is that society and civilization quickly collapse under the weight of an oppressive and tyrannical bureaucracy. History does not know a single exception to this rule.

Right now, here in the United States, we are collapsing under the same sort of tyrannical bureaucracy that destroyed Sumer, the Akkadian Empire, the Persian Empire, the Greek city-states, the Roman Empire, the first Chinese Empire, and every other great civilization that has flourished and passed into the dustbin of history. Right now government workers outside the reach of Congressional sub-committees are determining how much water, electricity, and natural gas an individual house can use and will be implementing those regulations starting in spring of 2011. There are already regulations for how much gasoline your car burns, how hot your shower can be, how many amps per square foot your house can draw, what price local farmers can receive for milk, and what you can do with your own private property. Progressives have spent a full century building their utopia and yet every year things get worse, poverty expands, and taxes go up.

The progressive agenda has failed miserably. They know it, you know it, and I know it. Because they cannot rely on a history of successes, they must resort to mudslinging, deception, and an unholy alliance with radical terrorists of all stripes. If you see a candidate of either party resorting to threats and humiliation over the next few months, recognize right away that you are looking at a candidate who has no facts, no successes, and no substance to their campaign. Whoever that candidate is, vote against them regardless of their party affiliation. Their lack of substance clearly shows that they have no intention of supporting you and every intention of pursuing their own selfish agenda, an agenda intended to marginalize you and if possible, prevent your voice from ever being heard.

If you owned a company and someone you were interviewing for a new hire insulted you, humiliated you, and belittled you, would you hire that person? Candidates are campaigning for office, policy think-tanks like CAIR and CFAP are campaigning for your mind, while every religion in the world is campaigning for your soul. If any of them tell you that you are too stupid, too simpleminded, too prejudiced, or too ignorant to appreciate their work, then why would you support them?

There will always be people filled with hatred. Ultimately, all external hatred is self-hatred, and contrary to common belief, all self-hatred is a form of narcissism. When people love themselves so strongly they cannot tolerate any flaw, then their love has become self-loathing and it will be reflected in their opinion of the world. If it festers long enough, they will lash out at anyone close to them.

Real honor begins with recognizing what is good within you. Find the good and let it be reflected in your treatment of others. Real honor is about honesty, compassion, respect, and a full understanding that every action has a consequence. Faith, because it carries with it an assumption that you are not the center of the universe regardless of how you perceive the world, is the only true foundation for real honor. Genuine faith begins in the heart and is reflected in the behavior of the believer. That is why real honor springs forth from the well of faith and cannot come from any other source.

Radicals of all stripes, whether religious or atheist, base their sense of honor on a firm belief that their perceptions do not lie and that they are indeed the center of the universe. That is why the honor of radicals demands the debasement of anyone who does not agree with them. They believe the lie that the universe revolves around them and because they believe it, they see themselves as better than anyone else. All radicals carry a set of elitist assumptions and they will seek to surround themselves with other elitists. Since everyone around them agrees with their assessment of the world outside their inner circle, they assume that anything the inner circle agrees on is true, regardless of any facts to the contrary. This is why they quickly become delusional. The inner circle reinforces the belief that any contrary fact must be false and this is what has happened to the progressive movement in America. This is why they can rewrite history and still honestly believe that their version of history is the true one. The facts are no longer important, only the agenda.

I do not hate the progressive movement. I do not hate terrorists. I hate the way these two groups are working together to destroy America tradition, American values, and the American way of life. I do not believe that America is, by definition, always right. Yet, I cannot deny that up until 9/11, America and the American people always fought to defend the weak and help the helpless. We entered Afghanistan to correct a great wrong and bring liberty to an oppressed people. To this day, I do not know why we entered Iraq. I do know that from the day the United States shelved Afghanistan and launched an invasion of Iraq the two most dangerous factions in today's world, Marxism and Islamic fascism, have joined forces and are focusing their efforts on destroying us.

I won't call it a conspiracy, but I will call it the most dangerous threat this nation has ever faced. If we fail to remove the progressive element from Congress in November, 2010, it is entirely possible that nothing and no one will be able to prevent a civil war within our boundaries. I am not seeking to create such a civil war, I am struggling to prevent one.

August 08, 2010

Runaway Slave

It is time, no, it is beyond time, for an open, honest dialogue about the real source of disenfrancshisement in the ghetto. Poor people from all races and ethnic groups have been conned into believing that welfare and entitlement programs are liberating them from oppressive capitalist chains when in reality, they are being convinced to sell their freedom for a few pennies from government coffers.

The website: Runaway Slave
On Facebook: Runaway Slave, the movie

It does not matter who you are, what color you are, what religion you are, or who you serve, there is only one person who can free you and that person is you!

August 03, 2010

They're onto me!

So a couple weeks ago Blogger sent me, for the first time ever, a newsletter about all the great new features they are putting into place. One of those features is a statistics tracker. Now this is cool! It has tabs for real-time, daily, weekly, and "all time". From this I learned my most popular post ever is, "All hail Nero, Emperor of Decline!" with a grand total (so far) of 51 views!

Pathetic. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, which means, of course, I will do neither. But then I noticed, down at the bottom of the stats page, a map labeled, "Audience". My main audience is, to my own surprise, China!



Hmm. Now that is a bit worrisome, especially since my second most popular post is, "The end of the world as we know it", and my third most popular, "The final unholy alliance". While it is true that my "end of the world" post starts out as a movie review, it concludes this way,
"What many people in the modern world fail to understand is that atheism is the faith of those who live in luxury. In a dystopian world, everyone would believe in something. It might be that the only thing they would believe in is their own two hands and they would spend their every waking hour cursing god, heaven, or fate, but that is a far cry from sitting around denying the existence of the supernatural altogether. In order to deny the working of fate and fortune, you must have the luxury of not depending on them."

Like everything else in life, for me, watching a movie always has a moral, ethical, spiritual, and political dimension. After all, my life is dedicated to fighting a spiritual war that takes no prisoners and knows no quarter. As a result, even the most insignificant experiences are filtered through a complex theological framework that I have spent my entire life developing and am still working on. My life is focused on advancing the forces of righteousness and driving back the forces of darkness. This war is fought in the imagination and subconscious of every person living on earth. Every artistic production is an artillery volley of immense power because art penetrates directly into the subconscious of the viewer and subtly modifies the framework they use to define their world, often without them even realizing it. If we do not consciously take control of this process and examine the impact then we become more easily manipulated.

Free-thinking and open-mindedness are wholly dependent upon a conscious organization and control over the impact of every experience, every dream, every fantasy, and every longing. So when I see the nihilistic and narcissistic being glorified and/or condemned through the actions and attitudes of a fictional character, I also see an artist attempting to control how their viewer responds to the real world in their daily life. Art does create life, and life creates art. It is an endless circle with each driving the other in ways that are sometimes surprising, sometimes horrifying, and always intriguing.

And then there is, "The final unholy alliance", which as time goes on I am beginning to believe has a lot more in common with, "Who is funding the approaching civil war?" than I first realized.

I do not believe there is some vast, evil conspiracy to destroy the world. I do understand the relationship between culture and the individual and I am a firm believer that given a chance, every individual is an opportunist. Our species has been growing and developing for a very long time. It does not matter if God put us here fully formed or if we evolved from scavenger primates in the African savannah. This is the point everyone in the creationism vs. evolution debate misses. The simple fact of the matter is that both sides of that debate are completely irrelevant because both sides are wholly dependent on an imaginative interpretation of the existing evidence. Did the Elohim build us from dust and a rib? Did australopithecus shift from scavenging to hunting? It doesn't matter. Both sides are irrelevant. Both sides do an adequate job of explaining our origins. Here, as in so many other cases, right and wrong are null terms that define nothing. The important thing is, how did we go from a handful of scattered cities in ancient Iraq to a global civilization of infinite complexity? Even more importantly, where do we go from here?

There are very rich, very powerful forces working to shape our world. Some of them are countries, some of them are religious groups, some of them are individuals. Their ability to realize their dreams is wholly dependent on the choices made by you and I in our daily lives. They need us. They cannot succeed without our cooperation.

They have found me and they are watching me...

...which is a really big waste of their time because I average about five page views per post. Not even per day, per post! And yes, that also means my eccentric appropriation of Emperor Nero is ten times more popular than my average post. (There's a really good PR lesson in there somewhere. If I can figure out what it is and how to apply it!)

So be my guest, rich powerful global emperor wannabes! Please, read all you like! While you're here, buy a couple books, okay? You can certainly afford it and I need the money!