August 25, 2010

America died today

It is now time to start the revolution to restore the Constitution. The political, economic, and academic leadership has declared war on the American people by fiat and by legal gerrymandering.

Instead of limiting the government's ability to establish a national church, the First Amendment now prevents everyone except Muslim organizations backed by the elite from worshiping whenever and wherever they see fit:

The Fourth Amendment now only applies to the economic elite:
"The Government's new right to monitor everyone, everywhere, except the rich!"

An important and noteworthy quote from Chief Judge Alex Kozinski:
"The judges in the majority are guilty of cultural elitism."

It is time to stop the charade. If we do not remove this cancer by force and remove it now, America will never recover. With these two decisions two distinct classes have been created in every legal sense. One class is composed of a wealthy elite that controls the government through bribery and coercion and the backing of academia, the other class is everyone who is not a member of the first. The craftspeople, farmers, factory workers, and small business owners no longer have any voice in government, any control over what their children learn, and no right to protest the decisions of the elite.

It is too late. It does not matter what happens in November. Congress has now become an irrelevant representative of the ignored and unimportant masses. Even if Congress meets and decides to reverse these decisions, the courts will simply annul them. Academia and the courts have come together in collusion with the most radical administration in the history of our country and overthrown the sovereignty of the people. The people are no longer sovereign. The Federal administration working through a vast, parasitic bureaucracy and backed by the full legal power of the bench has taken complete and total control of the political and legal processes designed to empower the people and minimize the central government.

We have become a dystopian hybrid of the failed Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the ascendent People's Republic of China. The royal families of Europe and the Middle East now have more control over the American political and legal process than the American people do.

Mark my words and mark them well. America died today. All that is left is dividing up the corpse amongst the vultures.

God help us all!

Update, August 26, 2010:

The Fourth Amendment apparently no longer applies on the streets of American cities. On the same day as the court decision above was published Forbes Online reported, "Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed in Roving Vans".

Does no one in the media understand these connections? Can no one see what is happening right before their very eyes?